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Abbess Bryony


Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Known Predecessor: Abbess Meriam
Known Successor: Abbot Thomas
Appears: Outcast of Redwall
Mentioned: The Long Patrol, High Rhulain

Abbess Bryony was said to be the great-granddaughter of Gonff and Columbine, granddaughter to Gonff II, distantly related to Dandin, and ancestor to the Gonfelin Thieves, Samolus Fixa, Bisky, and Andio. She was the adopted mother of Veil Sixclaw, and she succeeded Meriam as Abbess of Redwall Abbey.

When Bryony first met the abandoned Veil, she immediately fell for the infant's charm and adopted the ferret as her own child. She cared deeply for Veil despite his obvious tendencies to the bad, and tried desperately to prove to the other Abbey dwellers that he could be a good beast. After Veil was banished from Redwall, Bryony and her mole friend Togget pursued him to try to bring him back to the Abbey for a second chance.

The mousemaid followed the ferret all the way to Bat Mountpit, where Veil had been unhappily reunited with his real father, Swartt Sixclaw. Bryony befriended Sunflash the Mace during the journey, and later tried to free him when he was captured by Swartt. Swartt attempted to kill her by throwing a javelin at her, but she was saved by Veil, who jumped in front of her and took the hit. He later died in her arms.

After she returned to Redwall, Bryony claimed that she was unsure of whether Veil had really sacrificed himself, or if he would have let her die had he known that Swartt was actually going to throw the weapon. As an Abbess, Bryony took an interest in birds of prey, even going so far as to write a comprehensive volume on the subject.


Bryony holding a young Veil

  • A Bryony is a type of herb, known for its white flower.
  • Bryony and Dandin have both been described as being the great-grandchildren of Gonff; however, as Outcast of Redwall takes place chronologically before Mariel of Redwall, it is more likely that Bryony is the real great-grandchild, and Dandin is a more distant descendant. (See the Family Tree page for more information.)