Not to be confused with Fenno and Fenn Bluepaw.

Abbess Fenna


Known Predecessor:Abbot Carrul
Known Successor:Abbess Furtila

Fenna was a female squirrel, and an Abbess of Redwall Abbey. She was friends with Springald and Horty.

Along with her comrades, as well as Bragoon and Sarobando, Fenna journeyed to Loamhedge Abbey to find a cure for Martha Braebuck. During the trip, she suffered from dehydration, but recovered after Horty discovered a brook. She also found an admirer in Wuddle, who doted on her the entire time the travelers were in the company of the Guoraf. Fenna also took part in the battle against Kharanjul's Horde, but was forced to flee the fight by Bragoon and Sarobando, who held the vermin off while the trio of young ones escaped.

She was appointed Abbess by Abbot Carrul after he received a dream from Martin the Warrior. Martin told Carrul in a dream that whoever carried the Sword of Martin back to Redwall Abbey would be its new leader. Originally, Horty was carrying the sword back, but he injured himself while showing off to the Guoraf shrews. Therefore, Fenna carried the sword back to Redwall, an action which caused great relief among the Abbeydwellers, who were concerned about Horty's leadership abilities.

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