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Abbess Germaine

Abbess Germaine

Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Known Predecessor: Abbess Sylvaticus (of Loamhedge)
Known Successor: Abbess Meriam (of Redwall)
Appears: Mossflower, The Legend of Luke
Mentioned: Redwall, Mattimeo, Mariel of Redwall, Outcast of Redwall, The Long Patrol, Loamhedge, The Sable Quean, The Redwall Warrior's Code
Voice(s): Angela Mounsey

Abbess Germaine was the co-founder of Redwall Abbey, along with Martin the Warrior. She was also the first Recorder. An older mouse, she was formerly the last Abbess of Loamhedge Abbey, but a plague forced her and others to leave and travel to Mossflower Woods.

Abbess Germaine was most famous for designing the blueprints for Redwall Abbey during the Great Mossflower War.

Although a very peaceful creature, by the nature of her calling, Abbess Germaine helped the Corim fight the tyranny of Tsarmina Greeneyes by presiding over the rescue of Ferdy and Coggs Stickle. Her sense of leadership and her wisdom allowed her to quickly become a source of comfort and advice for those around her.

Abbess Germaine acted as a deputy at Brockhall in the absence of her friend of many seasons, Bella. Although soft spoken, she did not hesitate to bang a bowl and break it in two during a heated discussion in order to restore order. She also frequently acted as mediator and intercessor for the voice of reason.

A mouse of action, Abbess Germaine participated actively in the construction of sluice gates to control the flooding of Kotir, and was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her paws dirty. Also a great healer, Abbess Germaine saved Martin the Warrior from certain death, when he was severely wounded during his ultimate battle with Tsarmina.

Statue of Abbess Germaine from the Redwall TV Series

Germaine was a wise and venerable creature, and looked up to by many, especially Columbine. She was also a great cook and was famous for her roasted chestnut and cream recipe. Germaine once gifted Gonff the Mousethief a flute.

After her death, she was buried beneath Redwall in a tomb marked by a statue of herself with a book in her lap. Her journal later proved helpful to Abbey residents.


  • The name "Germaine" comes from the Latin for "sprout", as in a plant's first growth. This is very apt, as Germaine planted the seeds (as it were) for Redwall and its order of peaceful beasts, which continued to grow and flourish after her death.
  • Abbess Germaine is tied with Boar the Fighter for having seven mentions in Redwall books in addition to physical appearances, second only to Martin the Warrior. Both Germaine and Boar are referred to in a total of nine novels.