Abbess Lycian


Known Predecessor:Abbot Humble
Known Successor:Abbot Daucus
Appears:High Rhulain

Abbess Lycian was a young female mouse leader of Redwall Abbey. She was younger than most Abbess mothers, but was known for having a good sense of judgment and wisdom. She was great friends with the Molemum Burbee, and enjoyed singing and drinking tea. She also loved riddle-solving, and helped solve most of Sister Geminya's riddles. Lycian had a fiercer side to her as well, which showed when the Abbey was threatened by Groffgut's Gang; she slammed a teapot into the head of one of the rats, singlehandedly eliminating the invasion attempt. Later in life, she often exchanged writings with Queen Tiria Wildlough of Green Isle, via Brantalis Skyfurrow.


  • She and Abbot Thibb were the only youngbeasts known to have ruled the Abbey throughout an entire book.
  • Her name may be derived from lycia, a genus of moth.
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