Abbess Perrit

Known Predecessor:Abbot Glisam
Known Successor:Abbess Marjoram

Perrit was a pretty squirrelmaid who lived in Redwall Abbey during the time of Abbot Glisam, and who later became the mate of Dwink and the mother of Mittee. Later, she also had a granddaughter. Aside from Dwink, she was also good friends with Umfry Spikkle and Bisky. Not much is known of her family and past, as she was introduced simply as one of the kitchen helpers under Friar Skurpul.

As a young squirrel, Perrit helped greatly in the search for the missing eyes of the Great Doomwyte Idol. After Dwink, one of the original searchers, was incapacitated by a broken footpaw, Perrit and Umfry helped to push him around in a wheelchair until he learned to walk on his cast. They wheeled him down to the Cellars to resume the investigation where he had left it off, and Perrit discovered writing behind a secret door which led them to find the second ruby, hidden in Brother Torilis' favorite pottery food tray.

Perrit also accompanied Dwink, Skipper Rorgus, and Foremole Gullub Gurrpaw into Mossflower Woods in search of the third gem. They encountered Blodd Apis, who had taken the gem for herself and was fanatically protective of "her" property. Perrit, Dwink, and Skipper were all three laid low by the strong mead the crafty hedgehog tricked them into drinking, but were saved by Foremole, who managed to get Blodd Apis stung to death by the bees with which she was going to kill them. After being revived by Foremole, Perrit swore off drinking anything alcoholic ever again, due to the massive hangovers they were all suffering.

After the Doomwytes were defeated and the last gem returned to the Abbey by Nokko, Perrit and Dwink wed. Some seasons after their daughter Mittee was born, Abbot Glisam announced his intention to retire and become Abbey Schoolteacher. He selected Perrit to rule in his place, confiding that he had always seen her as a sensible beast whom he could trust to carry on his duties. Perrit's first action as Abbess was to allow her beasts to enjoy an extended stay at a nearby watermeadow for a picnic, before heading back to the Abbey for a feast.


  • Perrit is the only known Abbey leader to have a mate, as well as offspring and descendants.