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Abbess Songbreeze Swifteye


Species: Squirrel
Gender: Female
Known Predecessor: Abbot Arven
Known Successor: Abbess Mhera
Appears: Marlfox
Mentioned: Taggerung

Songbreeze Swifteye was a female squirrel of Redwall Abbey. She was the granddaughter of Ellayo and Gawjo Swifteye, and the daughter of Rimrose and Janglur Swifteye.

Renowned for her singing voice, she was nicknamed 'Song', and called upon to entertain her family and friends fairly frequently. During her early seasons, her family were nomadic Mossflower Woods residents, until the threat of the Marlfoxes forced them to move to Redwall. While there, Songbreeze and her friends Dippler and Dann were placed on guard duty in Great Hall; however, they were inexperienced, and unable to stop the Marlfoxes Ascrod and Vannan from stealing the Tapestry of Martin the Warrior.

In a dream vouchsafed to Dann, Songbreeze was classified as one of four creatures who were destined to travel to Marlfox Island to retrieve the Tapestry. Song left the abbey and traveled towards the island, along with Dannflor, Dippler, and their new friend Burble. Her weapon during the journey was a special stick with a green stone on its top, known as the Leafwood.

She and Dann rescued Dippler and Burble when the pair were captured by Raventail and his band of ferrets. She became separated from her friends when she spotted the osprey Megraw drowning in a river and dove in to save him; both of them were swept over a waterfall.

Song and Megraw were rescued by a male cormorant, but were not allowed to stay in his nest because his mate distrusted newcomers. Later, the pair met Torrab the hedgehog and her siblings, and the squirrelmaid was reunited with her long-lost grandfather Gawjo, who was living with the hedgehogs.

After the band rescued Dann, Dippler and Burble from some reptiles and frogs, they completed the journey to Marlfox Island and recovered the tapestry, defeating the last Marlfox and freeing a group of slaves and water rats from his service. Song then gave her Leafwood away to Burble, who later used it as a scepter when he was made cheiftain of the Riverhead tribe of voles. Upon returning to Redwall with the tapestry, Song was made Abbess by her good friend Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, who had been told in a dream from Martin the Warrior to give the position to the squirrelmaid.

As Abbess, Song reigned for many seasons. As she grew older, her eyesight began to fail; however, she was too proud to use glasses and instead kept the monocle of the late Perigord Habile Sinistra in her habit sleeve, so she could use it in secret when necessary. She also developed the habit of taking naps in the Infirmary, when it was empty.

Like her predecessor Abbot Arven, Song failed to appoint a successor before she died. However, she left a special poem sealed in a wooden squirrel for Cregga to find, which, many seasons later, helped the badger select Mhera as the next Abbess.