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Abbess Tansy


Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Known Predecessor: Abbot Durral
Known Successor: Abbot Arven
Appears: Pearls of Lutra, The Long Patrol
Mentioned: Marlfox, Taggerung

Tansy was a female hedgehog of Redwall Abbey. As a young beast, she was a good friend of Craklyn the squirrel, Piknim the mouse, and Arven the squirrel Dibbun, who used to call her "Tansy Pansy". The elders always liked her, and she was given permission to leave the Abbey by herself, which was something most other younger Redwallers weren't allowed to do. As a clever and very perseverant beast, she was the head searcher in the quest for the Tears of all Oceans, which were secreted within the Abbey's walls. The quest began after Tansy and Arven accidentally stumbled into a crack that contained the skeleton of Graylunk, in the Mossflower quarry. Tansy received a visit from the famous spirit of Martin in her dreams and was inspired by him during her quest.

After successfully finding all six pearls in order to ransom Abbot Durral from corsairs, the rescuers safely returned with Durral, so she flung them into the ocean to be forever lost and unable to cause strife and greed in anybeast.

For her good sense and responsibility, Tansy was made Abbess of Redwall while still relatively young; Durral had received a vision from Martin the Warrior on how to choose Tansy.

As an older Abbess, she was a good leader, and helped the Redwallers to explore the underground remains of the fortress of Kotir.


  • According to Craklyn, Tansy was the first hedgehog to rule as Abbess. She is also the only hedgehog Abbess on record.
  • A beverage called Tansywine was named in Tansy's honor.
  • A Tansy is a type of flower.