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Abbot Arven


Species: Squirrel
Gender: Male
Known Predecessor: Abbess Tansy
Known Successor: Abbess Songbreeze Swifteye
Appears: Pearls of Lutra, The Long Patrol
Mentioned: Marlfox, Taggerung

Arven was a male squirrel of Redwall Abbey. As a Dibbun, he was a very good friend of Tansy and had a special nickname for her, "Tansy Pansy". When out searching for herbs with Tansy, he accidentally fell into a hole containing the skeleton of the weasel Graylunk, which spurred the search for the Tears of all Oceans.

He was the ringleader of a Dibbun group including Diggum and Gurrbowl, two moles. He often led them into mischief and could always be found making trouble somewhere; one time he ventured out into Mossflower Woods believing that when he was found he would be praised. Despite this, he contributed to the search for the pearls on several occasions.

Arven and Skipper at the Battle of the Ridge of a Thousand

As an adult, he became the Abbey Warrior and fought in the Battle of the Ridge of a Thousand. Near the end of his life he became the Abbot of Redwall for three seasons. He passed away after surviving a harsh winter; Abbess Songbreeze Swifteye was his successor.


  • Arven is the only creature known to have held the positions of both Abbey Warrior and Abbot of Redwall.
  • Arven was the only male squirrel (besides Thibb) known to rule as Abbot.