Abbot Carrul


Known Predecessor:Abbot Phredd
Known Successor:Abbess Fenna

Carrul was a male mouse Abbot of Redwall Abbey, and the successor of Abbot Phredd.

As a Dibbun, he caused mayhem along with Sister Portula, and was sent to work in the Kitchen for five days. He was also known to have cheated at the nut and spoon race for five years straight, by sticking the nut to the spoon using honey. As an adult, he was an unusually active Abbot, even going so far as to take part in the war with Raga Bol and fight alongside the defenders of his home. He was, however, inexperienced in matters of war; he turned his back on the enemy at one point and was very nearly killed by Ferron. Martha Braebuck saved his life, incidentally learning to walk in the process.

In a dream from Martin the Warrior, he was told to make the next Abbey leader the one who carried his sword upon returning from a journey. That turned out to be Fenna; however, she was still a bit young to be a ruler when the discovery was made. Carrul continued to rule for many seasons; when he felt Fenna was ready, he retired his position to her and lived alongside Phredd in the Gatehouse.


  • Abbot Carrul and Abbot Daucus were the only Abbots known to actively engage in battle during their term of leadership.
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