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Abbot Durral


Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Known Predecessor: Abbot Mordalfus
Known Successor: Abbess Tansy
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Durral was an old male mouse and the Abbot of Redwall Abbey for seven seasons. He was known to be very humble and kind, and enjoyed cooking, having once been a kitchen worker before taking up Abbotship.

In his seventh season as Abbot, Durral was kidnapped by monitor lizards under the command of Lask Frildur, as Lask believed the residents of Redwall were hiding the Tears of all Oceans. Lask planned to sail in the Waveworm to Sampetra, intending Durral to be the captive of Ublaz Mad Eyes until the Redwallers could find the pearls and pay the ransom. On the return voyage to Sampetra with his captors, Durral befriended Romsca, the ferret captain of the Waveworm; Romsca saved the Abbot's life from the cannibalistic lizards of Lask Frildur several times before her own death. After Lask, Romsca, and their entire crew were slain in a mutiny, Durral was left alone on the ship; he still managed to drift to Sampetra, and was subsequently captured by Ublaz. He was later rescued by Martin II, Grath Longfletch and their friends. Durral gave the crown of Ublaz to Hawm, to thank him and his seals for helping Martin and Grath in the defeat of Sampetra; the Seal King then guided the Abbot and his group of friends safely across the seas to Redwall.

After his ordeal, Durral passed on the title of Redwall guardian to Tansy, who became Abbess. He then resumed kitchen duties with Friar Higgle Stump.