Abbot Glisam


Known Predecessor:Abbot Daucus
Known Successor:Abbess Perrit

Abbot Glisam was an old male dormouse who lead Redwall Abbey for many seasons. His personality was different from most Redwall Abbots and Abbesses, who were inclined to heal and be peaceful. Like Abbot Daucus, Abbot Carrul and Abbot Thibb, he tended to be more warlike; apparently, he also had experience with the bow, as he was able to fire the weapon and have his arrows hit the ground a pawsbreadth from retreating enemies. It was also speculated that he had experience in sailing, for Rorgus called him his "shipmate" after Glisam told Sister Violet there was a lot she didn't know about him. He assisted in the search for the eyes of the Great Doomwyte Idol by helping to solve riddles, and found one of the jewels hidden in a clay kitchen tray. After the defeat of Korvus Skurr, and the acquiring of the fourth and final Doomwyte Eye, Glisam had the jewels buried above the hill that was once the lair of the Doomwytes, in honor of those who had died in the battle there.

In later seasons, he was confined to a wheelchair and had to be assisted by Brother Torilis, the herbalist. After he appointed Perrit as the new Mother Abbess, Glisam became the Abbey school teacher, focusing especially on educating the illiterate hedgehog Umfry Spikkle.

Not to be confused with Friar Glisum.


  • Glisam's name is derived from glis, the latin word for certain species of dormice.
  • Glisam is described as being the "first Dormouse ever to reign as father", and is the only known dormouse leader of Redwall.
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