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Abbot Mordalfus was a mouse leader of Redwall Abbey and the successor of Abbot Mortimer. Prior to becoming Abbot, he was called Brother Alf. He was skilled at fishing and served as caretaker for the pond. Mordalfus was a good and trusted friend of Matthias and an old friend of Mortimer.


As Abbot, Mordalfus was a very gentle and wise leader, although he had the tendency to trust too much in the goodness of others. He usually had a good sense of priorities and was often the one to advise rest, food, and other normal activities in the midst of great turmoil. When Slagar the Cruel took Mattimeo and the other young creatures from the Abbey, Abbot Mordalfus helped restore order and calm among the frantic dwellers.

The Abbot wore spectacles when he was older and often looked above them while talking to younger creatures. A thinker rather than a creature of action, Mordalfus believed in the power of dreams and reflection.

Although he was a creature dedicated to peace, Mordalfus did not hesitate to delegate to other creatures who were better gifted in fighting and deceiving villains. Yet, he knew when to act forcefully and with authority in protecting the other creatures from harm. The old Abbot showed great courage and strength when Cornflower, Mrs. Churchmouse, and baby Rollo were captured by the magpies and he refused to surrender the Abbey. He even offered himself in sacrifice when the raven General Ironbeak cornered the dwellers in Cavern Hole.

Like many Abbots, Mordalfus was a great healer and with the help of John Churchmouse, Sister May, and Brother Rufus, rescued Stryk Redkite and saved her from her injuries. Abbot Mordalfus was also known to be an excellent cook and occasionally worked in the Abbey kitchen. He devised 'Redcurrantwall Abbot Alf Cake', and compiled a volume of Mossflower recipes with John Churchmouse.

Despite his position as Abbot, Mordalfus was a fun-loving mouse with a good sense of humor, and a healthy appetite.


As Matthias and his friends were searching the woodlands, the old mouse knew he could also help find the young ones while staying at the Abbey. Mordalfus found the answer from the Spirit of Martin the Warrior while staring at the tapestry. By solving a series of clues, the Abbot and the remaining Abbey dwellers discovered where the young ones could be found. Thanks to the help of Queen Warbeak and her warriors, they sent out a map and a set of directions to the search party led by Matthias.

Abbot Mordalfus' fortitude was tested again when the Abbey was occupied by General Ironbeak and his army. Under the Father Abbot's steadfast leadership and with the assistance of Constance, Foremole, and the courage and initiative of their friends, the Redwallers eventually succeeded in defeating the raven and his flock and driving them away from Redwall.

Later, Abbot Mordalfus let Mrs. Churchmouse name the season the Autumn of the Warriors' Return instead of the Autumn of the Early Chestnut, his original choice.

The Abbot lived a long life, and was still very active when Tim Churchmouse became Abbey Recorder.

Ever since Mordalfus and Matthias caught a grayling in the pond together, it had become tradition for them to catch a bigger grayling every four seasons.

Nelvana Redwall TV Series[]

Season three of the Nelvana Redwall TV Series occurs during the time of Abbot Mordalfus. It is he who requests that Tim Churchmouse tell the Abbey residents the tale of Martin the Warrior.


  • Mordalfus' name was spelled "Mordalphus" in Loamhedge.
  • Mordalfus may be derived from "mor", the Gaelic prefix for "great", and "alphus", a type of longhorn beetle.