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Abbot Mortimer was a male mouse leader of Redwall Abbey, the successor to Abbot Cedric and the predecessor of Abbot Mordalfus. He was also the infirmary keeper. Mortimer was friends with Jess and Mr. Squirrel, and he was also a close friend of Matthias.

During the Summer of the Late Rose, he ordered the Redwallers not to attack Cluny the Scourge's horde when they were retreating after a battle.

During his reign, Redwall Abbey was successfully infiltrated and held by a villain leader, Cluny, which resulted in Mortimer taken as a captive after the structure was captured. When Cluny then threatened the Abbey residents, Mortimer verbally defended them, motivating Cluny to assault the old mouse with the poisoned barb on his tail. Mortimer died shortly thereafter. Before his passing, he told Brother Alf to succeed him as Abbot, instructed Matthias to be the Abbey's warrior and to protect Cornflower Fieldmouse, and named the Sword of Martin "Ratdeath."


Abbot Mortimer was described as gentle, kind-hearted and well-educated on Abbey history, knowing stories about Loamhedge Abbey and Martin the Warrior.

Nelvana Redwall TV Series[]

In the Nelvana Redwall TV Series, Cluny does not attack Mortimer with his tail, however he still dies of unknown causes after the end of the battle for Redwall. While he decrees Matthias to be the warrior of Redwall, he does not name Alf as his successor, even though Alf is mentioned as the new Abbot in the epilogue, nor does he welcome the Guosim or Sparra into Redwall, or formally name Martin's sword "Ratdeath."


  • Abbot Mortimer is the only Abbot or Abbess known to have been violently murdered.
  • In Redwall, he celebrates his "Golden Jubilee" as Abbot, which suggests he served as the Abbey's leader for 50 seasons or years.