Abbot Thibb

Known Predecessor:Abbess Marjoram
Known Successor:Unknown
Appears:The Rogue Crew

Abbot Thibb was a male squirrel of Redwall Abbey who helped with the defense of the structure when it was attacked by Razzid Wearat and his crew. He was young for an Abbot; he was also a no-nonsense sort of beast, and did not suffer fools and troublemakers easily. He was known to have a slight fear of healers and infirmaries.

When Razzid arrived at Redwall, Thibb, following instructions given by Martin the Warrior, dressed up as the famous mouse, coating Martin's sword with oil and setting it ablaze to add horror to the illusion. In this array, he stood atop Redwall's battlements, holding the flaming sword aloft. The ruse ended up temporarily driving away Razzid, who had a fear of fire.


  • Thibb and Abbess Lycian are the only youngbeasts to have ruled the Abbey throughout the course of an entire book.
  • Thibb is also the only squirrel to rule the Abbey throughout the course of an entire book, and the only known male squirrel (besides Arven) to become Abbot.
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