Adarin Kordyne

Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Broadsword
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mentioned in: The Sable Quean

Adarin Kordyne was a Long Patrol hare who served under Lord Brang Forgefire. He was the son of Feryn Kordyne, the father of Buckler and Clerun Kordyne, the father-in-law of Clarinna, and the grandfather of Urfa and Calla. He was wiser and more peaceful than some Salamandastron hares; because of this, Lord Brang trusted him as a faithful advisor and councilor.

Adarin's father was the original Blademaster of Salamandastron; when Feryn passed on, Adarin inherited a Broadsword and the Blademaster's Medal from him, as he was the eldest son. As Buckler noted, Adarin was not a warrior or fighter, and therefore had no need of the tokens; however, he kept them and passed them down to his eldest Clerun, to keep the tradition going.

Adarin was a minor character; nothing else is known.

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