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Afternoon Out: In Liverpool

Afternoon Out: In Liverpool was a pilot episode about the regeneration and redevelopment of Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool, featuring Brian Jacques as a presenter. It originally aired on September 21, 1983, at 3 p.m. local time.

  • Running time: 55:13

BBC Radio Merseyside host Billy Butler introduced each segment.

Official Synopsis[]

'I cant believe that there's no hope', says George, the ex-docker in Boys from the Blackstuff as he dies amid the dereliction of Liverpool docks. What hope is there, in fact, for new jobs and new life in Liverpool? Join Bill Butler and the team from BBC Radio Merseyside as they host an afternoon out in Liverpool's dockland.

(This is a special pilot programme, with the interests of the unemployed particularly in mind. Viewers' comments are welcome. Please write to 'Afternoon Out', [address removed])


Brian Jacques introduces the program, and describes his experience working on the Liverpool docks for a dredger firm. A vintage black and white film about Liverpool is displayed.

Brian Jacques then visits John, a shipwright with the Merseyside Maritime Museum, who demonstrates a wooden boat restoration with an adz.

Katherine Robins looks into a tree planting effort in a 250-acre site near the south docks which is intended to become the International Garden Festival.

Brian Jacques meets with John Meakin and members of the public at the Baltic Fleet Pub in Wapping to discuss the International Garden Festival, and the potential impact it might have on tourism and the local economy. He also engages in a Scouse dialect conversation and provides a "translation."

Chinese immigration to the area is explored by David, who meets with a Chinese grocer to discuss how his shop has changed over the years. He also covers how the Chinese community is integrating into Liverpool life.

Katherine Robins witnesses Walton residents transform old land into a city farm for animals.

Roger Phillips investigates the Merseyside County Council's "Claim It Now" supplementary benefit program, and how it can assist Liverpool residents.

Graham Beecroft observes the Toxteth Unemployed Football League playing a game.

A warehouse that has been converted into units for small businesses is visited. A local entrepreneur explains how he became a vendor there, and a couple of workshop employees reveal how they found work and talk about their craft.

Billy Butler explores tourism influenced by the international popularity of Beatles.

Archival footage of The Beatles performing "Twist and Shout" is shown, and Sir Harry Livermore's rescue of historic Mathew Street is explained.

Ron Jones, Merseyside Tourist officer, discusses Beatles tourism interest at McCartney's Wine Bar.

The "Magical Mystery Tour" tourist experience is viewed, and Terry Smith, managing director of Radio City, showcases Beatles memorabilia for an upcoming exhibition.


  • Presenters: Billy Butler, Brian Jacques, Katherine Robins, Roger Phillips, Graham Beecroft
  • Producer: Bryn Brooks
  • Editor: Tony Matthews
  • Guests: Nigel Godfrey, Ron Jones, Terry Smith