Viola Bankvole by Curless


Byral Fleetclaw by Curless

Allan Curless was a Redwall chapter icon illustrator. He was also a political cartoonist for 16 years, working mostly for the Sunday Times. Marlfox, the first book published after his death, was dedicated to him.

Born: 1950

Education: Gloucestershire College of Art and Design

Died: 1997

Other Works

  • A Tolkien Bestiary (1979) by David Day
  • A Fourth Poetry Book (1987) by John Foster (Editor)
  • Spaceways: An anthology of space poems (1987) by John Foster (Editor)
  • Mr. Punch (1989) by Catherine Macaskill
  • Daniel's Train (1995) by Angela McAliser and Allan Curless
  • Time Flies (1996) by Mary Hooper
  • Cat's Song (1996) by Andrew Matthews
  • Shipshape (1996) by Sally Grindley
  • A - Z of Tolkien (1996)
  • If you want to be a cat (1997) by Joyce Dunbar
  • A Guide to Tolkien (2001)



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