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Ambrevina Rockflash

Ambrevina holding Diggs
Badger Ruler

Place of Origin: Eastern Shores
Gender: Female
Known Predecessor: Brang Forgefire
Known Successor: Violet Wildstripe
Weapon: Sling, Feryn Kordyne's Broadsword
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

"I hope you are pleased with the enchanting young badger Ambrevina. Her presence will grace your mountain, and I am certain that one day she will become a worthy successor to you."

-Extract from a letter sent to Brang Forgefire by Abbess Marjoram

Ambrevina Rockflash, also known as Ambry, was a badger from the Eastern Shores. She came from a family of badgers who were legendary for their use of the sling. Ambrevina often had dreams about Salamandastron and yearned to go there like many other badger rulers. After her father died, she and her brothers had trouble living together without him there. She therefore left her home and came to Mossflower Woods. She there became friends with the otter Flandor, who was kidnapped and later murdered by Vilaya.

Ambry became lost in Mossflower Woods while searching for Flandor; she met up with Diggs, who appraised her of the woodlanders' current position with Vilaya and the Ravagers. Together, they set off in search of the young ones Vilaya had kidnapped; they found them imprisoned on the island of the mad hedgehog Triggut Frap, and freed them. When the shrewmaid Midda told Ambry of Flandor's murder, the badger swore revenge.

After the battle with the Ravagers at Redwall Abbey, in which she demonstrated her massive strength and her knowledge of the ballista, she and Axtel Sturnclaw pursued Vilaya, who had fled the scene. As Axtel was wounded and could not carry on, Ambry went on alone, catching up with and slaying the Sable Quean. She carried Axtel back to Redwall, and later traveled to Salamandastron with Buckler Kordyne and Diggs. She stayed there with Brang Forgefire and trained in the art of fencing using the broadsword of Feryn Kordyne given to her by Buckler. As Brang promised to pass the mountain on to her, it is assumed she later ruled Salamandastron.