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Asmodeus Poisonteeth was a deadly male adder snake who resided in greater Mossflower Woods. He was said to be the last in a long line of giant adders who lived in a sealed network of tunnels in the Quarry, however it was later rumored that he had sired descendants. Asmodeus was incredibly dangerous, often embarking on silent hunts and surprising creatures who were secreted in the same hiding place as he.

Asmodeus had round, glittering, bead-like black eyes that remained open even while he slept. While the color of his scales was never described, in the Redwall TV Series, Asmodeus was shown to be a grayish-green adder with a beige, striped underside and a black stripe on top. He was also shown to have yellow eyes instead of black.

Asmodeus was a collector of trophies from his fallen victims, including foxes' tails and woodpigeon feathers. His crowning achievement was the theft of the sword of Martin the Warrior from King Bull Sparra while killing Greytail in the process. Proud of his prize, Asmodeus took the weapon back to his lair and treasured it closely.

Seasons later, during Cluny the Scourge's war on Redwall Abbey, Matthias tracked the sword's location to Asmodeus' lair. After enlisting the aid of Log-a-Log and the Guosim, he successfully sneaked into the quarry and retrieved the sword for Redwall while Asmodeus slept.

Asmodeus awakened before they could escape, and pursued them through the tunnels to take back "his" sword. Cornering them in a cul-de-sac, he hypnotized both of them, convincing them to stand down their weapons. The adder was poised to kill the pair, but Matthias had a vision of Martin the Warrior, who broke him out of his trance. Matthias struck, beheading the snake.

Known Victims[]

The Lost Legends of Redwall[]


Asmodeus Poisonteeth in The Lost Legends of Redwall

In The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act III, Asmodeus uses Portman's Slough as one of his hunting grounds. Liam Rivermouse and Sophia Ryemaid avoid him en route to Redwall Abbey.



  • The name "Asmodeus" is derived from the Biblical demon of wrath, Asmodai, who is also known as Asmodeus, the prince of hell.
  • The shrews called the adder "Giant Ice Eyes."
  • "Asmodeus Poisonteeth" was featured as an answer in a 2018 episode of Jeopardy.
  • In the Redwall TV Series episode Cluny the Scourge - part I, Asmodeus was seen by infant Matthias and Myrtle as they journeyed to Redwall Abbey.