Species: Badger
Place of Origin: Western Plains
Gender: Female
Weapon: Club
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mattimeo, Pearls of Lutra
Mentioned: The Long Patrol

Auma was a female badger from the Western Plains. She was the daughter of Orlando the Axe and Brockrose. Brockrose died when she was very young. As an older child she was kidnapped from her father by Slagar the Cruel, a slaver fox intent on selling healthy young beasts to the evil polecat Malkariss of the southern underground kingdom to work as slaves. She was eventually rescued along with the others by a group of woodlanders that included her father and the mouse Matthias. She traveled back to Redwall Abbey with Orlando, where she was raised into adulthood by her father and Constance the Badger Mother.

When Constance passed away and Orlando journeyed off to Salamandastron, Auma became the Badger Mother of Redwall, where she cared for Dibbuns and helped defend the abbey. She was a reliable badger of good sense.

Auma from the Redwall TV Series


  • In the U.S. cover art for Mattimeo, Troy Howell drew Auma as an American badger (Taxidea taxus), rather than a European one (Meles meles).
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