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Basil Stag Hare was a Mossflower Woods resident, camouflage expert, and a former footfighter. Well-known for his appetite, he became a close ally of Matthias and later relocated to Redwall Abbey. He was an old friend of Constance.

Basil's military experience included service as an Officer Cook in the 67th Paw an' Mouth Long Patrol under Colonel Puffscutt, as well as service as a member of the Fur and Foot Fighting Patrol and an outfit known as the 47th Hare Border Rangers. Basil greatly admired stags, whom he thought of as noble, and took some inspiration for his middle name. His battlecry was "Give 'em blood and vinegar!"

Basil knew Squire Julian Gingivere and Captain Snow, whom he had rescued from a fallen tree. He and Jess Squirrel recovered the tapestry of Martin the Warrior from Cluny the Scourge, during which he experienced a leg injury, which he exaggerated as a "war wound."

Basil later had a nephew (or possible other relative), Tummscoff Stag Vittlesmythe, who liked calling him "Nunky Baz." Basil greatly disliked this nickname, and eventually persuaded his nephew not to address him as such.

Basil assisted Matthias in rescuing kidnapped Redwallers from Slagar the Cruel. Throughout the journey, he became fond of Cheek. He also proved essential in the assault on Malkariss' underground kingdom. Afterwards, he adopted Cheek, who renamed himself Cheek Stag Otter.

After Basil's death, Redwall Abbey did not have a hare until the arrival of Clecky.

Continuity Error[]

In The Redwall Warrior's Code, a short story that occurs prior to Redwall (but was written many years later), Basil Stag Hare appears to be a Redwall Abbey resident, as he's present in The Kitchen and knows Matthias, as well as other Abbey dwellers. However in Redwall, he meets Matthias for the first time in Mossflower Woods.


  • Basil Stag Hare was inspired by one of Brian Jacques' bosses, Captain Kenny Dixon, a retired army captain with a "bristling mustache." He was known for talking to Jacques in the following manner: "Come on Brian, up off your big fat bum; nip about a bit, quick's the word, sharp's the action. What! What! Jolly good!"