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Bat Mountpit from Outcast of Redwall

Bat Mountpit is a western mountain in between Redwall Abbey and Salamandastron on the Great South Stream, and east of the Toadlands. It's located near a large waterfall, and the residents are a tribe of bats, who are blind. One bat though, Rockhanger, has said that if he tried hard enough, he could see. Instead, the bats rely on hearing and smell. As a result of living in caves, the bats repeat the last part of their sentences, giving the impression of speaking in echoes.

Just like at Salamandastron, leaders of Bat Mountpit are referred to as Lords.

The bats live in caverns full of tunnels, streams, and waterfalls and farm the cave ledges, while fishing the subterranean lakes. The Great South Stream flows underneath the mountain. In Outcast of Redwall, many bats of Bat Mountpit were slain by Swartt Sixclaw's hordebeasts. At the bottom is the resting place of Swartt Sixclaw after Sunflash the Mace heaved him off the top.


Known Residents


Bat Mountpit appears in Mossflower and Outcast of Redwall.