Battle of Terramort

Location Terramort Isle
Result TRAG victory
Mariel, Dandin, Rawnblade Widestripe, and Joseph the Bellmaker Riptung, Hookfin, Grimtooth, Gabool the Wild
Faction TRAG fighters Faction Gabool's Corsairs
Strength Several hundred Strength Several hundred
Casualties Moderate Casualties Wiped out
Species Mice, Squirrels, Hares, Hedgehogs, Moles, Otters Species Searat
Appears in Mariel of Redwall

The Battle of Terramort was a fairly brief battle on the island of Terramort. It was the culmination of Mariel's journey to Terramort Isle and resulted in a victory for the woodlanders that she led.

Before the Battle

Before the battle, the Trag commanders stole all of the searat ships, thus inspiring the rat Felltooth to make the remark that they were "marooned on Terramort". Gabool the Wild and his searat forces were contained in Fort Bladegirt.

The battle was planned in advance by the woodlander commanders, including Lord Rawnblade, Mariel, and Joseph the Bellmaker. They had planned to launch a three-pronged invasion using the tunnels which led all over Terramort. One of the tunnels reviewed by Mariel and Rawnblade came out behind Bladegirt.

Summary of the Battle

Beginning of the Battle

The battle began when a large troop of Trag fighters, led by Mariel and Dandin, fired volleys of arrows and slingstones at the vermin on guard outside Fort Bladegirt. The searats retaliated, but they lacked weapons with long range and scattered when Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel led part of the Trag against the gates with a battering ram.

Behind the Fort

Meanwhile, Lord Rawnblade and Joseph the Bellmaker attacked Bladegirt from the rear. Joseph brought the remaining part of the Trag to attack the searat crews behind the fort, while Rawnblade rolled a boulder into the walls to breach them. Rawnblade went past Joseph's force into Bladegirt, searching for Gabool, his arch-enemy. Joseph's force was overwhelmed by the enemy when Mariel's forces joined the battering ram carriers and blasted through the gates and came through into the courtyard, destroying much of the searat horde. Several captains were slain, and the rats were finished.

Gabool's Death

Gabool had taken refuge inside Fort Bladegirt when he heard the attack. Rawnblade searched for him, and when the Badger Lord was joined by the rest of the Trag commanders, they caught him briefly. Gabool fled to a room at the bottom of the fortress which housed Skrabblag the scorpion. The leaders followed him, and Gabool challenged Rawnblade to single combat. Rawnblade charged and fell into a concealed pit containing the poisonous creature. Rawnblade threw Skrabblag out of the pit onto Gabool, and the King of Searats was stung, which killed him. Dandin chopped the scorpion in half, ending the battle of Terramort.


Rawnblade burned Fort Bladegirt, and the woodlanders set sail for Redwall Abbey in the captured searat vessels, with the recovered Joseph Bell aboard Mariel's ship.