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Bella of Brockhall

Bella of Brockhall
Bella of Brockhall

Species: Badger
Place of Origin: Brockhall
Gender: Female
Death: Old age
Appears: Mossflower, Outcast of Redwall, The Legend of Luke,
Mentioned: The Sable Quean
Voice(s): Angela Heslop (Mossflower); Beth Cassidy (Outcast of Redwall)

Bella of Brockhall, also known as "Bella of Brocktree", was the great-granddaughter of Lord Stonepaw, granddaughter of Lord Brocktree, daughter of Boar the Fighter, wife of Barkstripe, mother of Sunflash the Mace, ancestor to Rawnblade Widestripe, and a descendant of Lady Sable Brock. Her mother died when she was a cub. Bella and Barkstripe had lived peacefully in the Mossflower Woods area in Brockhall until Barkstripe was killed rebelling against Tsarmina's father, Verdauga Greeneyes. Sunflash ran away while his mother was ill and grieving Barkstripe.

Although Bella was a peaceful beast at heart, she served as one of the leaders of the Corim, a group of woodlanders organized to fight against Tsarmina Greeneyes and her armies. Bella's strength and endurance allowed her to save many of her friends. She was especially instrumental in saving Martin from certain death after his battle with Tsarmina.

After Martin the Warrior defeated Tsarmina and restored peace to Mossflower, Bella helped her friend Abbess Germaine lead the construction of the famous Redwall Abbey.

Seasons later, she helped raise Veil Sixclaw, and although was also instrumental in banishing him, she did so soberly or even sadly, and refused to mock or jeer the young creature, unlike many other abbeycreatures. Not long after that, she was reunited with Sunflash, who stayed with her at Redwall until her death. Bella had the longest lifespan of any badger (and, since badgers are generally long-lived, presumably longer than any creature).


Bella of Brockhall regales Gonff II

  • Bella, along with Cregga Rose Eyes, was one of the longest serving badger mothers in Redwall Abbey. It is unknown which one of them lived the longest.
  • Bella, as a very old badger, was the first creature to be visited by the Spirit of Martin the Warrior. He told her of her lost son Sunflash, that he would defeat his enemy Swartt Sixclaw and lose his friend Skarlath the hawk, and told her that he would journey to Redwall.
  • She is the only Badger mother known to have had a son.