A Blackrobe Rat

During the time of Mattimeo, Slagar the Cruel worked as a slaver for the realm of Malkariss. The tale of their battle describes innumerable rats. They had black cloaks, short stabbing spears, and they obeyed the orders of a white statue in dumb silence. The rats, also known as the Blackrobes, never spoke for themselves but rather had a rat among them be the The Voice of the Host - this was Nadaz. They would force the slaves to work, but whether they helped themselves or just lived in a miserable silent fear of Malkariss, the talking statue, was not specified. Judging by the way they fight, the blackrobes are fanatics.

Weapons & Fighting

Blackrobe rats, by Michaela Helms

Their weapons are only short-ranged in sharp contrast to the Longtails, their perimeter defense. Their stabbing spears are useless for throwing, and so short that their only real defense is the crushing horde where every sting and vicious stab is multiplied by the thousands. Some other non-material weapons included the obedience to Malkariss and therefore, also to Nadaz, and the frenzy that Nadaz could encourage by his chanting. None of them are fearless or experienced enough to face a warrior one on one. Therefore, their champion was their slave driver, the Wearet, who fought Matthias in Mattimeo.


The Blackrobes appear in Mattimeo.

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