Species: Rat
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Blaggut the rat originally served as boatswain on the ship Pearl Queen; however, after a war party led by Finnbarr Galedeep and Joseph the Bellmaker captured the ship to sail to Southsward, Blaggut and his Captain, Slipp, were the only surviving members of the crew. After retreating into Mossflower, the pair found two lost Dibbuns, Furrtil the mole and Mousebabe. They befriended the two infants, and accompanied them back to Redwall Abbey, where Blaggut discovered his skill as a boatbuilder.

Under orders from Slipp, Blaggut convinced the two young ones to show him their "secret treasure", and was about to dig it up when a "black shadow" appeared on the ramparts. Slipp and Blaggut had encountered the shadow before and were terrified of it, so the searat hastily took the Dibbuns back to the Abbey.

Later, the two rats returned to the site and dug the "treasure" up. When Slipp discovered that it was nothing more than infant's playthings, he attempted to harm Furtil and Mousebabe, but was prevented from doing so by Mother Mellus, whom he fought with and slew. Dragging Blaggut with him, Slipp fled the Abbey; however, Blaggut decided he had taken enough of evil, and strangled his captain to avenge the Badger Mother's death. He then went back to the Abbey, and returned a silver-and-gold chalice that Slipp had stolen from there the previous evening. Though the Abbeydwellers asked him to stay, he chose to live out his days building boats on a Mossflower stream, but promised to the Dibbuns that he would visit the Abbey again someday. He later made good this promise, coming back to tell the Abbeydwellers of the return of the Pearl Queen.

One of the few good characters who were vermin outwardly, Blaggut was amiable, somewhat stupid, and known for his pungent odor (at least by Simeon, who said he didn't mind Blaggut's smell since he had a good heart).

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