• Number15BurgerKingfootlettuce

    “My name is Róża. Róża Kowalczyk. Fort Marshank was a horrible place for many beasts but for me it was a place of refuge. I had fled my native home in the Far North as it was taken over by a feared group called the Blutrubin. Recently, I discovered my accounts of that time among my (too) many papers. My best friend told me I should make it a story so I have. Beasts need to know that Marshank wasn’t as bad as it seemed.”

    March 22: Dear Diary, It has been almost a month since I was forced out of the Far North. All my family....all of them are dead. They came in the night, our murderers.... I was woken up by my mother telling me to run......There was no warning; there had been no prior attack.... One day my village was a happy pl…

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  • Sebias1

    The Gray Warlord Book I

    December 13, 2018 by Sebias1

    Prologue In the land of Southsward, in a small glade inside a large forest, a vixen named Sellena was searching for herbs. Sellena was a rather young fox, with dark hazel eyes and russet fur. She was carrying a leather satchel and every now and then she would sniff at a plant and drop it in her satchel. "Marigold, juniper, and yarrow, I've found everything but thyme," the vixen muttered to herself. She kept on searching until she finally saw redwall

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  • LordTBT

    Back in September, the first entry in The Lost Legends of Redwall video game series, The Scout, was officially released.

    Approximately two months later, Escape the Gloomer, the next video game, appeared on Steam as well. Have you played either one yet?

    As the holidays approach, Soma Games has made the soundtrack for The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout available to consumers on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Tidal and Amazon!

    It features 22 tracks from James Marantette, Keith Medley, and Seth Stanley, and is just over an hour in length.

    Be sure to stream it now on the platform that you prefer!

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  • Sebias1

    The Gray Warlord

    November 26, 2018 by Sebias1
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  • Number15BurgerKingfootlettuce

    I’m doing this one chapter at a time so it may take a while because I get a LOT of homework on top of after school activities. There are some battle scenes and bit of gore so just a heads up. Warning probably the worst gory part planned for the coming chapters will be what happens to Cedar later on.

    Prologue: An icy wind blew between the crumbled ruins of Terramort and ruffled the silvery blonde headfur of a grey vixen standing on the remains of an old tower. She stared over the heaving gray waters towards the direction of the Mossflower shore, hatred burning in her eyes. “I’ll make this place feared by woodlanders again” she growled. “And when it is, Redwall and Salamandastron will fall.” A crack of thunder accompanied her words and rain …

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  • Heather the dragon rider

    OMT it's finally here!! *squeals and bounces in bed* At last, I am rewriting DoR!! I'm trying to figure out a way to take turns between writing this and my to-be-published book, because I love them both too much, so we'll see how this goes. 8] Here's the music playlist, which I should probably update. [1]

    Sorry I don't have any new cover art yet... I'll be working on that. :D

    But I should stop rambling, so, without further ado.... please enjoy, my dear mates. *bows, drops mic, and leaves stage*

    It started with a shadow.

    A darkness had swept briefly over the peaceful abbey that fateful summer evening, casting a chill over the creatures below. Mice, otters, hedgehogs, badgers, and all were stunned to see the huge, bird-like shape in the sky.


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  • LordTBT

    Escape the Gloomer has officially popped up on Steam, where it will soon be available for pre-order!

    The second game in The Lost Legends of Redwall saga has a scheduled release date of November 16, 2018, two weeks from today.

    With this Steam appearance, many more details about the game have been revealed, like the official summary:

    Before Redwall Abbey, there was Kotir Castle, an abandoned fortress built over a large lake near the River Moss. It was taken over by the wildcat Verdauga Greeneyes and his Thousand Eyes army of vermin. Upon his untimely demise, his daughter Tsarmina began her evil rule. Subjugating the woodland inhabitants of Mossflower, this cruel Queen reigned using the army of a Thousand Eyes to collect food tribute from the peac…

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  • LordTBT

    News:Redwall Wiki Turns 13

    October 11, 2018 by LordTBT

    Redwall Wiki Turns 13!

    It's hard to believe, but another year has come here at the Redwall Wiki, and we're officially 13 years old!

    And it's been an eventful year to say the least. The most important is that A Lost Legend of Redwall: The Scout was released last month, marking the first new, original, canon Redwall content since 2011's The Rogue Crew. And that was more than five years in the making.

    Escape the Gloomer is on the docket for release soon too! If you haven't played The Scout yet, what are you waiting for?!

    Other highlights:

    • Redwall was featured on Jeopardy!
    • We ran special features on Spaced Out: The Story Of Mushroom Records, The Dutch Redwall Trilogies, Brian Jacques' Funeral Order of Service, the German The Angel's Command, AND the artwork…

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  • LordTBT

    Continuing the Redwall Wiki's "The Art of Redwall" miniseries, today we'll be taking a look at the illustrations of David Elliot!

    If you missed out previously, we showcased Christopher Denise's handiwork in August.

    The Redwall Wiki has added two Elliot pieces to the official library.

    Nearly a decade ago, Elliot's website sold a small selection of three limited edition solar prints, hand printed in sepia ink, from High Rhulain.

    These included the "Tiria At Sea," "Captain Bloodpaw," and "In the Abbey Library" book plates.

    "In the Abbey Library" features Sister Snowdrop, and that's the print we have, as you can see above. It is 80x105mm in size (3.14x4.13in), and appears in the novel for Book One, "The Forgotten Tome." Below, find the artwork as pu…

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  • LordTBT

    The German hardcover version of The Angel's Command, Das Gold Der Piraten ("The Gold of the Pirates"), was published by cbj, a part of Random House, in 2004.

    I was inspired to grab this edition based on the incredible cover artwork featuring Ben and Ned by Turkish artist Firuz Askin, who passed away in 2011.

    Quite interesting the title doesn't reference The Angel whatsoever.

    The book comes in at around 445 pages, with a fairly thick size, and the interior maintains David Elliot's original illustrations.

    Alas, other than the exterior jacket artwork, and the German translation by Herbert Günther, there is not much else to differentiate this from the English language editions of the novel.

    Still, it is clearly a quality book. Please enjoy the full v…

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  • Carda Silive

    Hiyah this is a story starter or pass along story. Feel free to take it and make it your own! Just please make sure I know about it if you write the next bit - I would REALLY like to read any additions. Please comment and let me know about any grammar issues etc. Would really appreciate feedback. Enjoy!

    The returning traveller

    Spindel Chog was a friendly hedgehog with a kindly manner. He was from Redwall originally but had been traveling for many seasons and was now returning home. As he trundled down the path, he marvelled once again at the size and quiet grandeur the Abbey held. Bathed in fading sunlight, it glowed a dusky rose, the dark green of the climbing vines contrasting perfectly. It was the picture of peace and tranquillity, and so …

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  • Lord Nightfur the vengeful

    In Mossflower, it was almost spring. Snowdrops poked through the ground, showing their little faces to the sun. The luscious blossoms were beginning to show on the trees. However, the beautiful scene was lost on Splitear the stoat. Leader of a vermin band about twoscore strong, he and his band wandered through Mossflower. Looking for plunder as they went, the vermin were aiming for a greater prize. The Abbey of Redwall.

    The vermin had set up camp near a small stream running through Mossflower Wood. Vermin drank eagerly from the stream, scooping water into their parched mouths. The rat Fopa unwisely voiced his opinion to his friend Gowba. “This is useless, we’re clearly lost.”  Gowba quickly shushed him. “Quiet now mate, Splitear might hear…

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  • LordTBT

    Brian Jacques paints pictures with words. However, there is another integral component to the stories he's told, and that's the illustrators and artists who have created the incredible artwork that brings his characters to life. Previously, we've explored the Artwork of the Redwall TV Series.

    The Redwall Wiki will now be taking a closer look at the artwork from the interiors and exteriors of the books.

    We're starting with Christopher Denise: we've added his piece, "Skipper the Otter collects the Dibbuns" from the picture book The Redwall Cookbook to our official library.

    The official description:

    I created this illustration for the much loved Redwall Cookbook by my late friend Brian Jacques. The Redwall Cookbook is an actual cookbook and a story…

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  • LordTBT

    It's hard to believe it's been more than seven years since Brian Jacques passed away. We all still miss him. Brian's memorial service on March 4, 2011, was at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, and it was open to the public.

    Those who attended received a traditional funeral Order of Service, or program. The Redwall Wiki library now has one of those programs in its archive.

    It consists of four pages, and it's approximately 11.5 inches in length, 8 inches in width. It was designed by Brian's granddaughter, Hannah Jacques.

    The cover page leads off with a quote from Lord Brocktree; the back closes with a quote from Taggerung.

    "So here is my story, may it bring Some smiles and a tear or so. It happened once upon a time, Far away and long ago, Outside …

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  • LordTBT

    The work on Escape the Gloomer continues, as the Clopas team looks towards their autumn 2018 release.

    Developer Scott Adams recently posted an update on a new beta test of the game.

    "We had our first proof of concept beta test of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Escape the Gloomer this Friday (May 25). The first time an outside player has played the 2 chapters end to end," Adams posted on Facebook and Twitter.

    "The player had not played this type of game before and was very much excited with the game play. He stayed for 2 hours and helped uncover a number of bugs. More importantly his playtest showed that the Tutorial aspect of Chapter 1 was working and that the game was very captivating and fun. He was psyched at the end and looking for more to play…

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  • LordTBT

    Soma Games is hosting a voice actor open casting call for A Lost Legend of Redwall: The Scout! Ever wanted to voice a Redwall character in an official media production?

    This is your chance. But you have to be quick - you only have until April 27 to submit your audition.

    There are up to 13 characters, which means plenty of opportunities to get your voice in the video game.

    Here are the important details:

    • If cast, you'll be expected to sign an NDA.
    • Soma is looking to move fast - if you're cast, you might be needed to record right away, as in next month! Only apply if your schedule is clear in May.
    • Your submission should be a .mp3 file, named as follows: [character_[optionalVersion]]-actorName.mp3. E.g. "williampeteRose.mp3" or "william_grumpyHighlands-pet…

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  • LordTBT

    Soma Games has released an early look at Escape the Gloomer gameplay on its YouTube channel!

    Seemingly, you play AS The Gloomer, typing commands to the rat based on textual prompts that appear on the screen.

    If a command is successful, a new prompt, read aloud by a narrator, appears and the game continues. Of note, Stormfin is mentioned in the sample game text ... how will he be involved?

    The official description is as follows:

    Escape the Gloomer is a modern take on the old-school text adventures but with features like surround sound, voice activation and other modern amenities.
    We're using the term "Conversational Adventure (tm)"
    The intended experience is for something like playing your car, or talking to Alexa or Siri. Imagine the glory days of…

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  • Astar Goldenwing

    The discussion of Veil’s character, his development and the reasons why he became that way is probably the most controversial topic of Redwall fandom, and since I recently reread ‘Outcast of Redwall’, I wanted to add my own musings as well. Please note that I read some of the essays written by other fans before writing my own, so it may have influenced my opinion. There are no definite questions that I want to answer, but rather to reflect on the characters themselves and their development.

    Many of the fans debate on whether Veil was born evil or was Veil forced into evilness due to the upbringing he received? I lean toward the second option, but for different reasons than most readers. Many people point out that Veil from the young age had…

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  • LordTBT

    At Plattecon 31 last week in Wisconsin, Clopas LLC, the main developer for Escape the Gloomer, conducted the first public demo of the game in an effort to receive user feedback.

    "One really key statistic was that 75% of the people would recommend the game to their friends. This corresponds to the 75% that rated the game 3 or 4 out of a possible 4 points," Clopas stated in a follow-up Facebook post. "Considering the diverse type of players we got this was very good."

    Clopas will be holding further testing at Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco later this month, from March 19-23.

    Soma Games will also be at GDC, showing off a demo of The Scout, believed to feature the Lilygrove Catacombs.

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  • LordTBT

    On the March 9, 2018, episode of Jeopardy!, a question about Redwall appeared on the show.

    Player Mark Ashton selected the "Snakes on a Book" category, in which the $1200 question, the third of five, popped up on the screen for host Alex Trebek:

    Asmodeus Poisonteeth in "Redwall" is a giant one of these "calculating" snakes.

    Returning champion Lane Flynn, who looks like the only contestant to buzz in, correctly answered "What is an Adder?"

    Unfortunately, Lane got the Final Jeopardy question wrong, and finished in second place.

    Check out the clip below!

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  • Pinkpeony73

    Warren and the Rogue Crew
    By Peony

    Okay, so this is the first chapter (almost a prologue, really) of The Life and Exploits of Warren McCrosbin, a Redwall-inspired fanfic series that I am currently working on. This story is kind of a test for me, as I'm still getting familiar with my setting, characters, and the overall feel that I want for my series, so it may end up being different than its still-to-come sequels. I am 100% open to feedback, so please comment and let me know what you think!

    Also, yes, I may have borrowed the term "Rogue Crew", but I gave it a different definition in my story, as you will see if you read it. ;P

    Eighteen-year-old Warren McCrosbin, burst through the door of his family’s five-room log cabin, his face alive with exci…

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  • LordTBT

    I know it's February, but welcome to 2018 on the Redwall Wiki!

    Our first Redwall Collectors Community of the year will be covering three of the Dutch Redwall Trilogies.

    Today, we'll be taking a look at De Roodburcht (Redwall), Het Moswoud (Mossflower), and Mariël (Mariel of Redwall).

    The few Redwall novels published in the Netherlands are each split into three separate hardcover books; each book consists of around 16-20 chapters, approximately 160-170 pages, and the same chapter icons from the English language publications.

    Like the German Redwall Saga, the - very striking - cover artwork is etched onto the physical cover directly.

    Additional artwork is found on the spine. When all three books in a trilogy are together, like on a shelf, an image is disp…

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  • ScottyBlue

    Gingiverian: Chapter 35

    January 17, 2018 by ScottyBlue



    Cover art by ForrestFighter

    In the days since the wreck, the escaped prisoners had quite made themselves at home in the Whisperer's caverns. Once the Council of bats had agreed their guests were harmless, they had treated them with the utmost care and concern, plying them with all the food and drink they could wish. Many of the guests allowed their hosts to fly them back and forth to the big meeting cavern, which was in shape like the interior of a giant hornets nest, and lit by thousands of flaming lanterns fed by some natural oil source in the ground. Others chose to stay in the wreck of the Bowbolt, not enjoying having to ride with the bats through the air to get to the …

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  • Heather the dragon rider

    Sorry this is a day late, I meant to publish it in time for Christmas, but here it is, my gift to all of my amazing friends and fellow fanwarriors here on Redwall Wiki. Love you guys!

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  • LordTBT

    On December 18, 2017, Soma Games released the Early Access version of An Epic Tale of Redwall: The Scout. We've had a chance to play through it.

    I have read reviews from others, and they take issue with the quality. I'd like to note for months now, Chris Skaggs of Soma has made perfectly clear this will be a very basic, low-level, rudimentary look at the game. This should be taken into account if you're considering purchasing it now.

    This is not the end product. It's simply a look at early mechanics, how the controls work, what we might be in for. There are bugs. It is not perfect. It's not meant to be.

    The Scout comes with four options/levels to check out: Old Moss Creek, Flight to the Lighthouse, the Movement Lab, and the Redwall Gatehouse Lib…

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  • LordTBT

    On November 19, 2017, video game designer Scott Adams formally announced "Escape the Gloomer" at Free Play Florida, a "three day celebration of the history, artistry, competition, and creation of electronic gaming of all kinds driven by the enthusiastic gamers of the south east."

    Towards the end of a 69-minute presentation, Adams revealed the promotional slide for the game, and offered a few comments about it. It will be a collaboration between Soma Games and Clopas LLC.

    The slide describes "Escape the Gloomer" as a "classic text-adventure with modern updates like speech-to-text options, gorgeous hand-painted artwork, [and] rich atmospheric music." Additionally, it indicates the game will involve "professional voice actors", which sounds fai…

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  • LordTBT

    Today, Chris Skaggs of Soma Games made some major announcements in a 25-minute live stream on the company's YouTube channel.

    First he revealed that Soma has received "a better license" for the Redwall IP, which will include a total of "six games."

    Previously, the titles The Scout, The Miner, and The Archer had been revealed.

    But Skaggs got into specifics regarding the species in the latter two games: The Miner will involve a mole, while The Archer will involve a squirrel character!

    Also brand new: the fourth title The Pirate, a co-op game which will involve the title characters from the previous three episodes, as well as Cluny the Scourge.

    The brand for all six of the games will be "An Epic Tale of Redwall".

    Skaggs expects the retail pricing for …

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  • LordTBT

    At the beginning of the summer, Grapefruit Records released Spaced Out: The Story Of Mushroom Records, a two-disc CD collection featuring a wide selection of contributions from various musicians on the UK Mushroom Records label, something that had a bit of a cult following in the 1970s. It was known for signing artists with folk, jazz and Indian genres.

    The Liverpool Fishermen, Brian Jacques' folk band, was one of Mushroom Records' artists, and indeed they received a track on the album.

    Track 16 of Disc One, "The Ould Triangle," is a 1:46 song that features no instruments, and is sung acapella.

    In fact, you can hear it on Spotify here.

    However, the best part of "Spaced Out" is the accompanying booklet. It features 19 pages containing the histor…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Lekota's Journal

    November 7, 2017 by Ox Rookbane

    Holding (neglecting) a project and starting another. I'm terrible.

    As the title suggests, it's Lekota's Journal, Ox Rookbane's son. If you don't know him, you better go read up on Light in the Dark and Conflux of Time.

    This is my journey I have decided to take up. It's what I feel I must do. After... a grueling debate with my love, we've come to terms... I'd take Oxford with me-- my youngest son, and we will leave. I had to promise I'd allow her visits and see her once in awhile. Behind the smile of compromise and happiness, deep inside I felt... shredded. How could I keep up with my side of the bargain? Will I? How will my children feel?

    It's been awhile since my father has passed. There's been no Lord of Salamandastron. I can feel his essence …

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  • LordTBT

    Redwall Wiki Celebrates 12 Years!

    Every time this anniversary comes around, it always impresses me. We've been online for 12 years now, incredible! And we continue growing with articles, fan fiction and fan art, just like always.

    This past year, we featured:

    • the Redwall Author's Limited Edition
    • Liverpool: A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards Vol. 1
    • The German Redwall Saga
    • The Japanese Redwall Collection

    ...and I wanted to do more, if you can believe it! I have five in the pipeline at present, not to mention a very exciting article that we hope to publish by year's end.

    Also. by the end of the year, the first chapter of Redwall: The Warrior Reborn will be released - which means we get a new Redwall story for the first time since 2011.

    We'll need your h…

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  • Silverstream05

    The First Patrol Bossess

    Thunder boomed and lightning flashed across the stormy black sky. Enormous waves topped with foam creashed endlessly against the shores of Salamandastron. Inside the mountain, however, it was warm and cozy. Inside the ancient home of countless badger lords, a young haremaid bearing a tray knocked timidly on the door to Lord Russano’s study. “Enter!” boomed the badger Lord’s thunderous voice. Balancing the tray carefully on one paw, the haremaid twisted the knob and stumbled into the room, catching the sliding tray before it hit the ground. Pushing the door closed with her left footpaw, she hurried forward, holding the tray out. Suddenly tripping over her large clumsy footpaws, she fell forward, unable to stop the tr…

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  • Argulor

    Thoughts on Krakulat

    August 30, 2017 by Argulor

    This guy doesn't get enough attention, so I thought I'd write an essay on him.

    I feel really bad for Krakulat. Even if he's a villain (and I still don't consider him one), the fact that he had to deal with the horrible, senseless death of a parent makes him quite possibly the most sympathetic one of the series. I personally wish Jacques had given him a bigger role and made him a discernibly grey character. I felt he had a tragic enough history to deserve it.

    While violent, Krakulat only ever lashes out at the evil Sixclaw and his gang, yet this makes him villainous. I hate that this list: lists him and Bonebeak under the villains as well, for exactly the same reason---just because he is a crow. Ye…

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  • Argulor

    This is a wiki policy that I'm incredibly frustrated by. It seems unfairly biased to just assume that a character is a villain based on their species. For example, the Crow Brethren are listed as villains on this wiki, despite the fact that they never harmed anyone who didn't deserve it, and didn't do anything without being provoked. It seemed to me that the death of the entire flock was intended to be taken sadly. While not straight up good characters, the way they suddenly perish is pretty depressing and not something the death of a group of villains would likely be written as.

    I don't have very many other good examples of characters who I feel fit this, but it just seems like the wrong decision. I understand that it's seen as Wiki policy a…

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  • LordTBT

    I was attracted to the Japanese "Redwall Legend" ; unfortunately I must report that the box itself seems to be nonexistent, and the collection part merely refers to the fact that all four of the Japanese Redwall translations - Redwall, Mossflower, Mattimeo, and Mariel of Redwall - are sold together.

    However, the books themselves are certainly not disappointing. The jacket covers of Redwall, Mossflower, and Mattimeo all feature the artwork of artist Pete Lyon, while Mariel of Redwall features Chris Baker's artwork.

    Like the Hebrew edition of Redwall, these books read from right-to-left, or the opposite of English language books.

    All contain the original Gary Chalk illustrations and maps, but they're marked with Japanese writing.

    These hardcovers are slightly…

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  • LordTBT

    It has been a long journey to get to this point, but at long last, Redwall: The Warrior Reborn has appeared on gaming platform Steam, with a Early Access release date of September 28, 2017, about two and a half months away!

    A short summary describes the game as "Set in the winter shrouded wilderness between Lilygrove and Redwall Abbey, help Liam or Sophia race for help from the raiding rats under Cheesethief's command."

    This is new information - players will apparently be able to choose between a male or female character, and we have their names. Also from the Steam page:

    Why Early Access?

    “We really want early feedback from fans of the Redwall books on things like look, narrative, tone, music etc. It an extremely high priority that we capture the…

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  • Riverrune, The Rogue Bard

    Fluffy pink under-bellied and golden cream-topped clouds gently drifted over the western ramparts of Redwall Abbey. A crisp autumn breeze, rich with the refreshing scent of russet apples from the orchards and the warm embrace of woodsmoke from the kitchen, wafted upwards to the twitching nose of the walltop's lone sentinel.

    Rivenah Thornpaww lightly and easily balanced atop the red sandstone battlements, while impassively scanning the peaceful sun-warmed path and field before her. Her left paw rested firmly on the hilt of an elegantly lethal fencing blade. She was unnaturally thin, as squirrels go, due to her recent life of hunger and helplessness. Had she not been found and rescued, revived and nourished back to health by the kind and …

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  • Astar Goldenwing

    This is a fan fiction story by User:Astar Goldenwing. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

    This story is loosely connected with my fan fiction ‘For Freedom’: the War of Thousand Rains, or the war with reptiles, that is mentioned in the prologue, is the same war that Longstep and One-ear from ‘For Freedom’ fought in. Besides, in the book 3 of ‘For Freedom’ another connection between the stories could be glimpsed that would play its own role. Aside from that, ‘Raven’s Feather’ is an independent story that could be read alone.

    In this story, one season equals one year.

    Feel free to comment at the end and correct mistakes if you want.

    The sun was rising over the lands of Southsward, bathing hills and streams in its soft gol…

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  • Mousieboy232

    If I was given the rights to Nelvana's Redwall Animated Series, it would be only available on Netflix. It would have 10 episodes and I would rate it TV-14 for Blood and Strong Violence. These people are who I would cast

    Principal Voice Cast

    • Amos Crawley - Martin the Warrior
    • Tyrone Savage - Gonff the Mousethief
    • Graham Haley - Dinny / Old Dinny
    • Julie Lemieux - Tsarmina Greeneyes
    • Lindsay Connell - Columbine / Fortunata
    • Bruce Dow - Log-a-Log
    • Colette Stevenson - Bella of Brockhall / Lady Amber
    • Catherine Disher - Abbess Germaine
    • John Stocker - Boar the Fighter

    I would have Amos reprise his role as Martin, have Matthias' voice actor play Gonff. The opening scene for Episode 1 would be a continuation of Season 3's epilogue. However, there would be a time ski…

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  • Riverrune, The Rogue Bard

    Autumn leaves swirled and danced on the stone steps outside the gatehouse of Redwall Abbey.

    Rittlesby the hedgehog babe toddled over to the door, and firmly pushed it shut.

    “Der we go, Mem Flinn! Did oi do et roit this here toime?” Rittlesby said, tucking his chin in and swaggering about, as he tried out his imitation mole speech.

    The aged shrew, Flinn Furrit, chuckled gently as she leaned back in her old oak rocking chair and continued her knitting. A warm glow from the crackling fireplace lit her dark furred face.

    “Of course you did, little one,” she said, kindly.

    “Of course you’m did notter!” a husky voice piped up from the back of the room.

    A rather round mole came trundling over to the gatehouse door, and swept up the little dibbun in one…

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  • LordTBT

    I remember the first time I saw Michaela Helms' cover artwork for the German editions of Redwall, Mossflower, and Mattimeo many, many years ago.

    It was those latter two covers that really fascinated me: Slagar the Cruel's prominent placement, with a long, glorious mask on Mattimeo, while on Mossflower, our heroes are actually riding on the backs of the hares.

    These illustrations were completely different from the US and UK iterations I was previously privy to. And now, at long last, these three editions of the German Redwall Saga have entered the Redwall Wiki library.

    Frau Helms also provided the interior illustrations for these books, as well as for a few other series entries, but I believe these are the only ones that she drew the covers for, whic…

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  • Riftgard Princess

    “And what can I help you little ones with today?” Teagan closed the book but did not lay it on her lap, instead holding it upright so that she could rest her paws and chin upon it. The four dibbuns shuffled their foot paws and wouldn’t meet her eyes, mumbling shyly for a moment, before the little otter cub sauntered forward bravely, summoning up courage.

    “Is it true you was married to a vermin miss?” he asked before becoming bashful again and looking ashamed to have asked. Teagan sat silent in surprise at this question, before composing herself. “Where did you hear that?” she asked gently.

    “Minty said her mam said you had.” a small hedgehog tittered, pointing at a squirrel dibbun who was looking defiantly at her toes. “And we say she’s a g…

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  • Heather the dragon rider

    Well, now I have at least the prologue of this, I'm gonna go ahead and make a post for it. ;) This is a graphic novel version of my fanfic, Defenders of Redwall. It's not the greatest, because with coloring all those frames I get kinda lazy sometimes, but it's fun and that's what counts. xD Not sure how far I'll get with this, but here goes nothing. Please comment! :D

    I'm sorry, but I'm stopping this here. Just 'cause I'm currently rewriting DoR... and the story will be quite different. XD So yeah. Perhaps someday I'll make a new one. *shrug* =)

    Dewrose Rose of the Morning 03:45, June 27, 2018 (UTC)

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  • LordTBT

    Yesterday, Soma chief Chris Skaggs popped over to the forums for a Redwall: The Warrior Reborn question-and-answer session with fans, where quite a few revelations were made.

    One of the biggest? We finally have an expected window in which to expect the game's release:

    "You can look for the release of episode one of The Warrior Reborn within 12 months or less," Skaggs said.

    Previously, Skaggs had indicated that the plan for the game calls for six of these chapters or episodes.

    This first episode is to be called "The Scout."

    "The Scout is single player and story based," said Skaggs. "It tells the tale of how a young mouse who is forced to flee to Redwall Abbey when the village of Lilygrove (which was seen in The Corsair's Last Treas…

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  • Mousieboy232

    Chapter 1

    Nikos sheathed his blade and stepped outside where the remaining hordebeasts were at. He stood up on an old hay wagon, as the Hordebeasts lined up in rows of 5 to 8. One of the hordebeasts was a vixen named Gretcha, she was the Healer of the crew, she stood in the middle of the rows. She wore a purple robe and wore a headdress. Nikos inhaled and let out a big bellow.

    "Ladies and gentlebeast, may I have your attention! Redwall is just east from here, they have plenty of supplies, weapons, and warm beds for us to lay our weary heads on. No more sleeping on the cold floor, no more scavenging for food. We will live like kings and lords, they are a peaceful bunch, talking that place will be a piece of cake. Are you with me?"

    He shouted o…

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  • Mousieboy232

    Tears of a Warrior

    April 17, 2017 by Mousieboy232

    | This is an unofficial sequel to Mattimeo, the real sequel is Pearls of Lutra. This takes place 10 years in the future after Matthias rescued Mattimeo. Yes I know that years are not applied in the Redwall Fantasies but I chose to give them "Human Years" because I wanted to Give the readers a more humanly vibe.

    Mattimeo polished his sword as Tess made hot vegetable soup. Mattimeo was sitting next to his son Martin II, the baby mouse was in a bassinet made from wicker. Tess smiled at her husband as she stirred the soup with a wooden ladle in the big cauldron. However, at Cavern Hole, a sick Abbot Mordalfus laid in his bed, coughing severely. Constance badger passed away, seasons ago. Basil Stag Hare, rested in rocking chair, tears welling in…

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  • AlexanderWiki2002

    Hello, everyone! Today I am going to compile together what I believe is a list of all Redwall Books Ranked from the worst book to the best book, which I think is the toughest situation I've ever been faced with!!!. Warning: My opinion will be different than yours; don't get offended. Keep in mind that this is my stupid personal opinion and, almost all the Redwall books are solid, gorgeous, wonderful pieces of literature but there is one that stands above all else! Let's Start this Countdown! With Exception to the numbered books, none of the books are in their set order. This is a difficult task and it will take a while to organize.

    16th Book (2003)

    Geez... I gotta say it... I never thought I would EVER have say this about a Redwall book, but this bo…

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  • LordTBT

    Liverpool: A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards Vol. 1 is a 1988 book by author Peter W. Woolley. The 88-page volume contains a collection of postcards from the early 1900s that chronicle life in the city of Liverpool. Each page features a different postcard, with a description of the building, location, or people depicted on it.

    Essentially, this book provides a portal through time into how Liverpool looked over a century ago. Amongst the featured postcards: The Overhead Railway, Lime Street, and Dale Street.

    Brian Jacques, who was a popular BBC Radio Merseyside personality at the time of its publication, provided the one page foreword to the book.

    It would be inappropriate to quote the text of the entire page, so I'll excerpt some interesting…

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  • Mousieboy232

    This may seem kinda silly but in the Redwall cartoon which beast is the Main Protagonist, is it Matthias or Martin? Because Matthias appears in 28 episodes, whereas Martin appears in 14, excluding the voice. Unless they both are the main protagonists, Matthias being the hero of Season 1 and 2, then Martin in the final season. With the books Mr. Jacques did not want to be confined to one protagonist, so he had a different one for each book.

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  • LordTBT

    Once again, Soma Games has a new video showing footage from Redwall: The Warrior Reborn. This time, an extended look at the Redwall Abbey Gatehouse is provided in a 1:33 clip.

    The images depict a room with a roaring fireplace, a green couch, the Recorders' desk and some shelves.

    Soma has indicated that this is the "same room that Matthias uses as his apartment." Additionally, the time shown in the video is "quite a while after the events of the Redwall book where serves as both the Redwall archives (not a full library) and a home for the recorder."

    In response to a viewer's inquiry about the sandstone walls, Soma had this to say:

    "We actually worked closely with the Jacques family on this question, and they said that Brian was always thinking of…

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  • LordTBT

    Hello Redwallers!

    In the first 2017 edition of Redwall Collectors' Community, we're going to explore the "Author's Limited Edition" of Redwall!

    Around 2000, Redwall La Dita, the Redwall copyright holder, successfully held negotiations with the UK's Random House publisher, and was able to configure a deal for a reprint of the first hardback UK Hutchinson Children's Books version of Redwall, which was previously out of print at that time.

    The order was for 500 books; each one would be signed by Brian Jacques and individually numbered.

    This special edition was only available for purchase at the Redwall La Dita Book Club shop at, and needless to say, it sold out relatively quickly.

    Today, finding the book is a bit more difficult, and many…

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