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LordTBT LordTBT 16 days ago

News:Soma Games Releases Mobile App Teaser Video

Soma Games has a released a brand new teaser video for the forthcoming Untitled Lost Legend of Redwall interactive fiction mobile app.

As a reminder, this app will include three "episodes" or mini-games inside it: The Wildcat Scroll, Caverns of Kotir, and The Flowers of Icetor. The video shows off a brief look at all three adventures.

The first 19 seconds appears to showcase a look at The Wildcat Scroll. We meet woodlanders Emory and Henny, however two wildcats, Tsiri and Alister, are also encountered, as well as two birds, Redcrest and Skyplume.

Some new summaries are available for the three acts of the game too.

Act I
Soon you'll be a fully-fledged member of Redwall Abbey, but first you must prove you're ready. However a strange scent lingers on th…

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LordTBT LordTBT 20 days ago

News:Redwall Collectors Community: The Mossflower Uncorrected Proof

Welcome back to Redwall Collectors Community. Today, we're showing off the Mossflower uncorrected proof (also known as an advance proof, advance readers copy, or ARC). There are actually two: a U.S. and a UK edition. We have both in the Redwall Wiki library.

These are very rare first editions of Mossflower by Brian Jacques - both were released prior to the publication of the novel. The U.S. Mossflower proof is very similar to the uncorrected proof for Redwall - there are no illustrations from Gary Chalk inside it, they probably weren't even finished at the time. Or, perhaps, they hadn't arrived at the Philomel offices from the UK publishers.

While the back of the U.S. edition is blank, the UK version appears like a traditional ARC, and contains mark…

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LordTBT LordTBT 11 October

News:Redwall Wiki Turns 16

Redwall Wiki Turns 16

It's that time of year again - the Redwall Wiki's birthday! And as of 2021, we're 16 years old - a website old enough to drive (maybe one of those wheeled ships?).

I think it's fair to say 2021 has been the most pivotal year for Redwall in quite some time. Let's review:

It started out with the super, massive, earth-shattering announcement that Netflix had acquired the rights to the Redwall saga.

In the coming years, we can expect a Redwall movie and at least one series from the streamer, but hopefully there will be many. As we've seen several people wonder when we can expect to see this come into fruition, we wanted to clarify: not any time soon. That's not how TV and film development and production works. A script has to be c…

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LordTBT LordTBT 16 September

News:Redwall Collectors Community: The Rogue Crew ARC

In this edition of Redwall Collectors Community, we'll be reviewing the Advance Reading Copy or ARC (also referred to as an "advance uncorrected galley" or "uncorrected proof") for The Rogue Crew, the last published novel from Brian Jacques.

As The Rogue Crew was published posthumously, it provides an intriguing look at the initial marketing plan for the book, as well as some copy that sadly had to be altered after Jacques' passing in February 2011.

First, let's take a look at the timeline of events surrounding the announcement and release details of The Rogue Crew. Jacques was almost always a year or so ahead in his writing.

  • April 2010: The book's title, The Rogue Crew, is first revealed.
  • June 2010: The first summary for The Rogue Crew is .
  • November…

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AsmodeusTheAdder03 AsmodeusTheAdder03 1 September

Essay: The Crow Bretheren

The Redwall universe has given us many, many characters over the years. In most cases, these characters are either good or bad, with no gray areas in between. However, every once in a while, we get a character from a typically “good” species who isn’t a good character, and one from a “bad” species that isn’t bad. These characters will sometimes recieve discussion among fans simply for how they stand out among the generally black-and-white universe of the series.

But while some characters will stand out as explicitly gray, others may be more up for debate. Sometimes it’s not quite clear whether a character leans a certain way on the moral spectrum, or is just neutral. Today I’m going to be discussing a group of crows——a generally villainous …

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AsmodeusTheAdder03 AsmodeusTheAdder03 26 August

Stuff I’m excited for in the Netflix TV series

The Netflix TV series is something I’m so excited about. In addition to all my favorite stuff adapted in the Nelvana books, we’ll get to see all the stuff that’s never been adapted. “Mossflower” has quite a bit of this so I’ll go through it all.

1). Argulor the eagle. Ah, yes, good old Argie. I can’t wait to see him in the Netflix version. Eagles are awesome and of the two that appeared in the series, he was by far my favorite.

2). Stormfin the pike. Another one of my favorites. Considering he fights the guy whom I think a videogame was based on, I think including him is necessary.

3). Deathcoil the snake. Unlike the other characters on this list, Deathcoil never appeared in an illustration (Lord Cayvear even appeared in one), so he’s nothin…

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LordTBT LordTBT 9 July

News:Viv Loves Film to Represent Entire Jacques Catalog

Viv Loves Film, the agency helmed by Emma Topping, an executive producer for the upcoming Netflix Redwall movie and co-producer of the Martin the Warrior event series, has signed a global representation deal with Brian Jacques’ estate, the Redwall Abbey Company.

According to a press release, Viv Loves Film will "represent all of the estate's non-publishing rights, including film, television, stage, radio and consumer products, for Jacques’ entire catalogue of published and unpublished works, excluding the Redwall book series."

Two things stand out to me in that sentence:

1) Consumer products! 2) Unpublished works? We are definitely interested in any unpublished works of Brian Jacques, and truly hope to see those become published works.

"Collaboration …

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LordTBT LordTBT 10 June

News:Soma Games Shifts Strategy to Mobile, Announces New Titles

Back in July 2017, Soma Games announced a slate of games that were to be The Lost Legends of Redwall:

The Scout, The Miner, and The Archer.

Each game was to involve a central protagonist (mouse, mole, squirrel), who would eventually be "thrust into a suddenly dramatic situation" where "the three strangers become fast friends and wind up in a critical, but as-yet unsung role in the events that bring the sword of Martin the Warrior to Matthias and

Both games will come out on Apple iOS first, with a planned Android release to come.

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LordTBT LordTBT 16 May

News:Redwall Collectors Community: The Russian Redwall Collection

For decades, the Russian Redwall (Рэдволл - Брайан Джейкс) book series artwork has enamored Redwall fans across the globe. The illustrations inside and outside of these particular editions of the novels always seemed to capture the heart of the stories. You may recall that last year, the Redwall Wiki highlighted the Russian editions of the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman.

At long last, the Redwall Wiki Library has acquired the Russian Redwall books. All of them. There are 30 in total, and hunting them down was quite the process. We're confident this is the first time that all 30 are together on American soil, as well as the first time that every Russian hardcover, UK hardcover, and U.S. hardcover have been unified in the U.S.A. This is the first ti…

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LordTBT LordTBT 14 April

How European Folklore Inspired Redwall

The rationale of having certain species in the Redwall series naturally gravitate towards "good" or "evil" behavior is often debated.

Why did Brian Jacques decide that some species (e.g. mice, hedgehogs, moles) would be good characters, while others (rats, stoats, foxes, weasels) would be bad characters?

Well, he said it himself:

"The bad creatures are those which are traditionally bad in European folklore and have come to be regarded as sly or mean or evil. The good creatures are mostly small and defenseless, with the exception of the badgers."

" is a merciless tyrant, a meaningless murderer, shedding blood from mere wantonness. Both ground and winged game fall victims to his blood thirstiness."


According to British myth, witches often to…

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LordTBT LordTBT 2 April

News:A Word with Redwall Screenwriter Patrick McHale

The Redwall Wiki was recently fortunate enough to have a brief exchange with Patrick McHale, the screenwriter of the upcoming Netflix Redwall movie project.

"The Redwall Wiki has been a great resource for quickly looking things up when I can't remember something-- so thank you!" McHale exclusively told us.

He also confirmed he is "currently writing the screenplay," and mentioned that he was a Redwall series reader as a youth.

"I wasn't much of a reader as a kid, but the Redwall books were one of the few things I actually sought out and read in middle school outside of my school requirements (along with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, The Hobbit, Winnie the Pooh, and a couple others)," McHale said.

Redwall fans are well aware of certain narra…

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LordTBT LordTBT 15 March

News:Redwall Collectors Community: BBC Radio Merseyside Marketing Materials

Brian Jacques had a prolific radio career as a broadcaster on BBC Radio Merseyside. Beginning in the 1970s and expanding into the 1980s with his principal show, Jakestown, Jacques was on the Liverpool air waves for many decades, and became a local celebrity early on.

As a local media outlet, BBC Radio Merseyside developed promotional materials and opportunities for its on-air DJ talent, and Brian Jacques was certainly a part of that.

BBC Merseyside offered posters and cards featuring their DJs, and we've found a few of Brian's from back in the day. While we're not 100% certain what time period the items you'll see in the image above came from, we believe that they are circa 1980s and 1990s.

"95.8 FM BBC Radio Merseyside Magazine" was a publica…

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LordTBT LordTBT 1 March

News:Emma Topping to Produce Redwall for Netflix

Emma Topping, the owner of the Viv Loves Film literary, screen, and stage production and business affairs agency, will "executive produce all features and will co-produce all series" based on Brian Jacques' Redwall novels for Netflix, according to a release.

Topping was an executive producer for 2018 animated adventure/fantasy film Peter Rabbit, based on the Beatrix Potter character, and is currently an executive producer for its sequel, Peter Rabbit 2, which is scheduled for summer 2021.

"With its themes of tolerance, collaboration and compassion, Brian Jacques’ Redwall books resonate deeply in the current climate: what better moment to see these values reflected in a fresh new on-screen imagining," said Topping.

Topping also served as a producer …

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LordTBT LordTBT 24 February

News:Artist Pierre Breton Discusses Redwall

Two weeks ago, Netflix started the day off with an epic mic drop announcement: they had acquired the rights to Brian Jacques' Redwall series. The streamer plans on adapting Redwall into a movie helmed by Patrick McHale, and also developing a Martin the Warrior event TV series.

Accompanying almost every online story was an entirely new piece of concept Redwall artwork featuring Matthias gazing at the Tapestry of Martin the Warrior in Redwall Abbey. It was created by French artist Pierre Breton, and the Redwall Wiki exclusively spoke with him to learn about his involvement in the project(s).

Pierre Breton, visual development artist: The Redwall Wiki was a great help in my research, and I thank you and your team for the work you do on it, it is a very …

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LordTBT LordTBT 18 February

News:Over the Garden Wall vs. Redwall - An Analysis

With Patrick McHale announced as the official screenwriter for the Netflix feature film adaptation of Redwall, I decided to check out Over the Garden Wall, the Cartoon Network animated series for which he's best known, to get a better understanding of his perspective, as well as to determine what, if any, parallels can be made to Redwall.

The series is currently streaming on HBO MAX, and consists of 10 episodes, each approximately 11-12 minutes in length.

Indeed, some comparisons to the Redwall series are quite possible.

From a high level, the story is about two characters on a quest in a mysterious forest. Two lost brothers are attempting to find their way home, and they meet many characters - some helpful, some not-so-helpful - along the way. Ea…

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LordTBT LordTBT 10 February

News:Netflix Gets Rights to Redwall

Today marks the most exciting Redwall news in quite some time regarding a TV/film adaptation of Redwall: Netflix has officially picked up the rights to the books from Penguin Random House!

According to Deadline: "It is the first time that the film rights to the entire series of books have been held by one company and Netflix has already set to work adapting the stories, signing up Patrick McHale to write a feature. McHale created Cartoon Network’s Over the Garden Wall and is working on Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio."

FURTHER, "Netflix is also plotting a TV series based on the character of Martin the Warrior, a wise and ferocious mouse who co-founded Redwall Abbey along with Abbess Germaine."

That means Netflix is likely adapting a Redwall film an…

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 21 January

Why no Mossflower navy

To say that the Redwall series has a nautical theme is a great understatement. Of the the series’ 22 books, around 2/3 involve seagoing vessels in some capacity. Even those that don’t tend to feature rivercraft, and or the mention of seafaring creatures. However, there is a rather puzzling aspect to this whole subject: the good creatures never seem to be able to keep ships around.

Brocktree’s allies seized a number of Ungatt Trunn’s ships, but we never heard from them again. Wuddship was apparently refloated to ship sandstone for the building of Redwall Abbey, but we hear nothing of it afterwards-unless you count it having a creek named after it in Outcast. The ships of Mariel of Redwall were apparently either destroyed or disassembled for ti…

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LordTBT LordTBT 13 January

News:Redwall Collectors Community: Assembling the UK Redwall Hardcover Set

I think it's fair to say an essential part of any Redwall collection would be the UK hardcovers. After all, Brian Jacques is from the UK, and it's where the series was first published.

Not to mention the wonderful cover artwork of Pete Lyon, Fangorn, and David Wyatt.

While collecting so many international editions over the years, I realized I only had two UK hardcovers. I decided to remedy this in the fourth quarter of 2020. That's right, we set about amassing EVERY Redwall UK hardcover for the Redwall Wiki library, as well as the UK Castaways of the Flying Dutchman hardcovers.

This was no easy task even though we're two decades into the 21st century. In fact, that's what makes it slightly difficult. However now that we've accomplished this feat, w…

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LordTBT LordTBT 8 December 2020

News:Redwall Collectors Community: Listen to a Brian Jacques Christmas Record From 1982

On December 3, 1982, Brian Jacques released a Christmas record, "If Only Christmas Were", featuring members of the Liverpool Everyman Youth Theatre Choir. Jacques wrote the lyrics and composed the music for the effort. It was not released on a particular label and distributed in only a blank sleeve, however BBC TV Manchester was the vinyl's publisher.

The previous year, Jacques had written a BBC Christmas TV play called Look Out, He’s Behind You. Three of the actors in that play, Carlene Lundon (credited as Carleen Lundon), Jake Abraham (credited as Jacob Abraham), and Barbara Hart, sing the songs on this 2-track project.

Richie Close and Terry Wheeler, who were also involved with "Look Out, He’s Behind You," assisted with production, as did R…

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LordTBT LordTBT 2 November 2020

News:Redwall Collectors Community: The 5 UK Redwall Hardcovers

There are five UK hardcover editions of Redwall.

These include the original 1986 version, reprints that were published in 1990 and circa 1994 with slight variations, the illustrated 10th Anniversary edition, and the Author's Limited Edition, which we've covered previously.

The latter two editions are easier to spot - they both have unique ISBNS, and of course the 10th Anniversary edition has a totally new cover.

It's those first three - the original, and its two reprints, that are a bit more difficult to differentiate. You might own a UK edition of Redwall, but is it the 1986 version or one that looks just like it, but was released years later? The Redwall Wiki can help you spot the discrepancies.

We'll start with the original Redwall. What's impor…

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LordTBT LordTBT 17 October 2020

News:Redwall Makes TIME's 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time List

Redwall has made TIME Magazine's 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time!

After putting together a panel of "leading fantasy authors" and staff members in 2019, TIME Magazine created a list of the "most engaging, inventive and influential works of fantasy fiction," which factored "originality, ambition, artistry, critical and popular reception, and influence on the fantasy genre and literature more broadly" into their ranking system.

It should be no surprise that Brian Jacques' Redwall made the cut.

TIME senior editor Lily Rothman writes:

"When the peaceful woodland creatures who make their home in a red sandstone abbey at the edge of Mossflower Woods find themselves besieged by a rat army, the brave mouse Matthias seeks out the sword that can save th…

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LordTBT LordTBT 10 October 2020

News:Redwall Wiki Celebrates 15 Years Online

Redwall Wiki Celebrates 15 Years Online

15 years ago, in October 2005, the Redwall Wiki powered up and it's been full speed ahead ever since. Today, we celebrate our 15th birthday.

The enormity of this milestone really hit me a few months ago, as I began spending quite a few hours updating articles and templates, and attempting to streamline some aspects of the site a bit more.

Managing the quality of 3,142 articles takes a bit of work!

In the coming months, and as we head into the new year, we're going to have some very interesting things to share.

However, in the meantime, we're anticipating The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act II in early 2021.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years, and for sticking with us.

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LordTBT LordTBT 6 October 2020

News:Redwall Collectors Community: The Redwall Gift Set

On October 7, 1999, Red Fox released their second box of Redwall books: the Redwall Gift Set.

Unlike the Redwall Trilogy, the Redwall Gift Set contains Martin the Warrior, Mossflower, and Outcast of Redwall. While it is harder to find these days, it is slightly less rare than the Trilogy. It had the same price: £12.99.

The three books, with Pete Lyon and Chris Baker's cover artwork, are the Red Fox paperback editions of the time, which were published through Pearls of Lutra.

The strange part is the text on the back of the Redwall Gift Set, which states "This special gift set brings together the first three titles in the classic Redwall series."

Martin the Warrior, Mossflower, and Outcast of Redwall are not the first three titles, so I can't help but wo…

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LordTBT LordTBT 28 September 2020

News:Redwall Collectors Community: The Redwall Trilogy

It's one of those things that's not considered very often, but a simple piece of cardboard is the modest home that shelters the Redwall Trilogy.

After what can be considered the overnight success story of Redwall in 1986, Brian Jacques got to work on developing the story into a trilogy. "Trilogy" was used to describe what would be arriving next as early as 1988.

Of course, we know the stories kept coming and coming later, however by design, it was intended to be Redwall, its prequel Mossflower, and its sequel Mattimeo.

On October 17, 1991, those initial three books were formally packaged together by the Arrow Books Limited imprint of Red Fox as The Redwall Trilogy, at a £12.99 price point in the UK.

It consists of all three books as paperbacks, feat…

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LordTBT LordTBT 23 September 2020

News:Redwall Collectors Community: The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature

Welcome to another edition of Redwall Collectors Community. Today, we take a look at The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature.

Published in 1995 by Hutchinsons Children's Books, the Treasury features excerpts from "nursery rhymes, short stories, fables, fairy tales."

It also contains extracts from classic works of literature and contemporary authors, many of which are accompanied by artwork and illustrations.

Edited by Alison Sage, and with a foreword by Quentin Blake, this 10.5 in. H by 8 in. W hardback, enclosed in a nice dust jacket, is a lovely book.

I know for certain, if I was a young reader who had received this, I would have vigorously read it cover-to-cover.

Redwall by Brian Jacques is one of the many titles featured within, unde…

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LordTBT LordTBT 9 September 2020

News:A Brian Jacques Quote on Grief

For years, we've seen a quote from a Redwall book floating around the internet so much it's almost become its own meme. This quote in particular seems to be calming for a lot of people.

"Don't be ashamed to weep; 'tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees and fruit cannot grow without water. But there must be sunlight also. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones are sealed inside to comfort us.”

We only thought it was right to put it in its proper context.

This excerpt comes from Chapter 5 of Taggerung, and is uttered by Redwall Abbey Badger Mother Lady Cregga Rose Eyes to the otters Filorn and Mhera, who are deeply saddened by the death of Rillflag, Filorn's husband and Mher…

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LordTBT LordTBT 15 August 2020

News:Redwall Collectors Community: The Russian Castaways Series

Greetings chaps and chapesses! We hope everyone is doing well amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a great Redwall Collectors Community entry today.

Given that much of the world was totally shutdown a few months ago, we thought this would be the perfect time to hunt down the Russian versions of Castaways of the Flying Dutchman and The Angel's Command. I mean, what else was going on? Turns out, significant international mail delays. It took three months from the date of shipping for the books to arrive at Redwall Wiki HQ. And boy are we glad to see them. They're both hardcovers.

We figured given that the Russian illustrators provided incredible artwork for the books in the Redwall series, it was probably likely they had done the same for Castaways of…

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Ox Rookbane Ox Rookbane 21 July 2020

Collection of Fanfiction - 2018

This collection of writing dates back to the summer of 2018. These works were written for a fanfiction project initiated by a user eulaliaaaaaa on Tumblr and the works were published by each user on Archive of Our Own (AO3) to the collection Redwall Fic Month 2018. Below are my contributions to the fun project back in 2018. Each week had an optional theme for writers to tailor their works to; I am no different.

Enjoy. x

Theme: Dreams

Everybeast dreams, it's that simple. What it is that each dream is a more complex matter. Dreams sometimes are random, sometimes they're spurred on by actions and fate itself. Some of those dreams created the lineage of the badger Lords of Salamandastron that are very much fabled as they are real. Other times, it guide…

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LordTBT LordTBT 2 June 2020

News:Soma Games Announces 2020 Release Plan

At the end of May, Soma Games released another update to stakeholders, and it included some release plans for a few projects that are scheduled for 2020.

The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act II, originally planned for a Q4 2019 release window, is now scheduled for release this summer. According to Soma's update, The Scout Act II has been redesigned in an effort "to be more puzzle-based in order to better engage our audience."

Soma will have a presence at the upcoming Steam Game Festival, which takes place from June 6 - June 14, 2020, and will be hosting a demo of the new game. If you'll be there, let us know how it goes!

Before the end of the year, Soma plans on releasing "Soma Stories." This is described as "an interactive, text-based …

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AvengeThem12345 AvengeThem12345 2 April 2020

Essay:Everything in Redwall Ranked

Okay, I'll try to update this as much as possible, but mostly I'll be writing a fan-fic on I'm going to try to rank things in redwall #1-#22. Okay...

  • 1 Main villain deaths
  • 2 #1: Cluny the Scourge
  • 3 #2 Gulo the Savage
  • 4 #3 Ferrahgo the Assassin
  • 5 #4 Tsarmina Greeneyes
  • 6 #5 Urgan Nagru the Foxwolf
  • 7 #6 Ungatt Trunn
  • 8 #7 Gabool the Wild
  • 9 #8 Vilu Daskar
  • 10 #9 Riggu Felis and Pitru Felis (tied)
  • 11 #10 Damug Warfang
  • 12 #11 Swartt Sixclaw
  • 13 #12 Ublaz Mad-Eyes
  • 14 #13 Korvus Skurr
  • 15 #14 Razzid Wearat
  • 16 #15 Badrang the Tyrant
  • 17 #16 Vizka Longtooth
  • 18 #17 Vilaya the Sable Quean
  • 19 #18 Mokkan the Marlfox
  • 20 #19 Raga Bol
  • 21 #20 Princess Kurda
  • 22 #21 Slagar the Cruel
  • 23 #22 Gruven Zann
  • 24 Main Villains Ranked
  • 25 #1 Ungatt Trunn
  • 26 #2 Slagar the Cruel

Note: In this, we're going to say …

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LordTBT LordTBT 30 March 2020

News:Redwall Collectors Community:Build Your Own Redwall Abbey

Admittedly, we had gotten a little behind in terms of Special Features. However in a time in which many people around the world are stuck in their homes, it also happened to be very convenient for constructing, or perhaps attempting to construct, the Build Your Own Redwall Abbey set.

Released in 1998, the "Build Your Own Redwall Abbey" original packaging contains the tagline "involves no cutting or gluing," which, given my experience with it, is fair. But I do wish it DID involve some taping.

Build Your Own Redwall Abbey comes in what is best described as a giant folder or binder, with a pocket on each inside flap.

The pockets contain the following items:

-The Abbey "board," a foldable mat that is approximately 25x25 - big enough for a large tab…

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Amelie of The North Amelie of The North 19 March 2020

The Sentinels 2

The confrontations between ghosts

 Sylvan liked what she saw. The cruel raven’s piercing black eyes came to rest on a particularly small and scrawny red hawk struggling to fly in the storm that was pounding the land, sending torrents of rain down on the extensive expanse of pine trees. Sylvan watched the little hawk struggle from her perch on a stick underneath a well built canopy of tree bark and moss. Finally the raven tired of watching the young birds anguish and sent two large ravens to bring her the hawk “Get her, yes that one. The hawk.”. As the two large birds flew to get the hawk Sylvan turned around and stalked towards a table laden with a large baked trout with little garnishes of parsley and a sprinkling of lemon juice. The raven…

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Amelie of The North Amelie of The North 19 March 2020

The Sentinels

 “Once, long before any of even the oldest sentinels were hatched there lived a great hawk who went by the name of “The Watcher”. The Watcher noticed how birds died every day from murderous unseen spirits that take the forms of ghostlike ravens. The Watcher decided to form a guard, a group of birds that could watch over the other, more defenceless birds, keeping out dangers and keeping all creatures safe. Eventually the Watcher passed on to the other side and his spirit went to the eagle in the sky to be a star in the ever growing universe. But still the guard prospered and all creatures did too. Generations passed and slowly the guard were now referred to as the Sentinels. That my boy is how the Sentinels order came to be.” Marien stroked…

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Sebias1 Sebias1 27 February 2020

The Grey Warlord


The Grey Warlord was coming!

Erksine the weasel stumbled over a stool as he ran to the high tower window. He was short for a weasel – though that most likely had more to do with his old age than anything. His silver-grey fur, normally clean and combed to near perfection, was spiked out in fear.

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear," Erksine mumbled, picking himself up and readjusting his spectacles back on his nose. Poking his head out of the window, he gazed down at the scene far below.

Castle Stargazer was more of an observatory than an actual fortress. Its four stone walls surrounding it were mere fences compared to most castles and strongholds.

It was the headquarters of the Southsward Stargazer Society. Their members consisted of creature…

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AvengeThem! AvengeThem! 22 February 2020

The Dark Empire

  • 1 Epilogue
  • 2 Chapter One
  • 3 Chapter Two
  • 4 Chapter Three
  • 5 Chapter Four
  • 6 Chapter Five
  • 7 Chapter Six
  • 8 Chapter Seven
  • 9 Chapter Eight
  • 10 Chapter Nine
  • 11 Chapter Ten
  • 12 Chapter Eleven
  • 13 Chapter Eleven
  • 14 Chapter Twelve


Like a disease, the empire had rose from a small start and had gone on to conquer the land. Vafír Silvertung, fox warlord of the south, had grown ambitious, and gathered vermin. He was sly, persuasive, and disciplined. He gathered raggedy bands of foxes and rats, then had them trained by himself and the few he found competent enough. Though they were small, they became strong, loyal, skilled, and smart. After years of gathering and training rats, weasels, stoats, ferrets, and foxes, his ambitions widened. He traveled to Drev Malki, fortress of …

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AvengeThem! AvengeThem! 22 February 2020

The Return

Chapter 1 Gulo the Savage's mighty army had been reduced to one! The ancient fox, Coldfur, had served under Dramz and Gulo. He had retreated when his second master fell, an swore

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 1 February 2020

Observations about the series

Just had a few thoughts I thought I'd share here on the wiki.

1. Taggerung is the last book in either Publication Order or Chronological Order to be referenced in any books that came after it.

Lord Brocktree and The Legend of Luke are similarly not referenced in subsequently published books, but Taggerung is notably the last book in chronological order to have a reference to it included in a later book. Specifically, the Skipper of this novel is stated to be a direct descendant of Deyna, the title character of Taggerung. Beginning with Triss, no subsequent books have any references to them included in later books; of course The Rogue Crew has the disadvantage of being the last book in the series, meaning there was never an opportunity for it to be ref…
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LordTBT LordTBT 8 December 2019

News:Redwall Collectors Community: Latvian Redwall

It's been a while since we've featured a Redwall foreign edition.

Today, we're going to take a quick look at the Latvian Redwall:

Redvola: Leģenda par sarkanā mūra Klosteri

Author translation: Braiens Džeiks

As you'll observe from the cover, the Latvian Redwall illustrations and cover artwork are courtesy of the 2003 Azbooka-klassika Russian illustrators.

I suppose given that Latvia shares a border with Russia, they reached out to that publisher. It's my understanding though, that the Latvian and Russian languages are quite different languages.

The rest of the book is a standard translation of the story.

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LordTBT LordTBT 7 November 2019

News:Soma Plots Ambitious 2020 Redwall Release Schedule

In October, Soma Games provided an update to stakeholders, which included a look at when the next few games in the Lost Legends of Redwall slate are scheduled for release. And we might be getting the next chapter of The Scout very soon!

The Scout Act II is on the docket for Q4 2019 - and with just two months left in the year, that means it could arrive right on time for the holidays.

Act I was initially provided a Steam Early Access release on December 18, 2017. It certainly seems possible Act II could appear in a similar timeframe.

But then, things really start to kick into gear in the new year.

The Scout Act III is "scheduled to ship" in the first quarter of 2020.

The Miner and The Archer are currently in pre-production, AND ALSO planned for r…

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LordTBT LordTBT 11 October 2019

News:Redwall Wiki Celebrates 14 years

Redwall Wiki Celebrates 14 Years!

Wow - where did the time go? Another year has come and gone, and it's officially our 14th birthday.

This year, we're going to keep it short and sweet. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey over the years, and who continues to be a part of the Redwall Wiki.

We're very much looking forward to The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act II - the next chapter in Redwall's story, and hope Redwall fans have been playing these video games - as Soma Games has a team of new writers carrying on the legacy of Brian Jacques.

The Redwall Wiki WILL continue to share special Redwall collectors' items when we can. Life just tends to get so busy, doesn't it?

Thanks again, all!

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LordTBT LordTBT 6 October 2019

News:Redwall Collectors Community: The Art of The Lost Legends of Redwall

Six years ago, Soma Games launched a Kickstarter for what would eventually become the The Lost Legends of Redwall video game series. Redwall AbbeyCraft: The Corsair's Last Treasure, The Scout Act I, and Escape the Gloomer are out, and The Scout Act II is forthcoming.

One of the rewards for the 2013 crowdfunding campaign was described as "a printed and bound copy of The Beauty of Redwall concept art book." On December 2018, Soma posted an update, stating "We wanted to give you an update on the concept art book. We are finishing up the design and will have something very soon."

While I can't speak for other Kickstarter backers, I can say that this book, now titled "The Art of The Lost Legends of Redwall," has officially arrived at our headqua…

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Peregrine Nightstream Peregrine Nightstream 26 September 2019

Redwall Character Interview: Urgan Nagru and Silvamord

Peregrine Nightstream: Welcome to Redwall Character Interviews, and thanks for coming! Today we'll be interviewing Urgan Nagru and his mate, Silvamord. Before we start, I'd like to thank Snowfur, a.k.a. Katie Sullivan, for her amazing talk show. Good job Snowfur! But let's begin. Urgan, why don't you introduce yourself?

Urgan Nagru: Fine. I am the magnificent, the wondrous--

Silvamord: Why does he get to go first? He's only the brawn, I'm the real brains!

Urgan Nagru: [glaring at her] Take that back, vixen! Everyone knows that I'm the brains and you're only my sidekick!

Silvamord: How dare you! If anything you're my sidekick!

Urgan Nagru: Am not!

Silvamord: Are too!

Urgan Nagru: Am not!

Silvamord: Are too!

Peregrine Nightstream: Err, why don't we-- …

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Peregrine Nightstream Peregrine Nightstream 25 September 2019

Villain Poll

If they were to fight each other, who would win? Cluny Slagar Tsarmina Gabool the Wild Ferahgo the Asassin Asmodeus Swartt Sixclaw Urgan Nagru Badrang Vilu Daskar Ungatt Trunn No one; everyone would die because they're all evil and dangerous in their own way

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Sandingomm the Wildcat Sandingomm the Wildcat 14 August 2019

Top 5 Redwall Books

I found a recent article on LitReactor that ranked the Redwall books from 1st to 22nd. I liked that Mossflower was placed at #1, since it's still my favorite book in the series. My username comes from a character in that book, after all.

At this point, my top 5 Redwall books are as follows:

1. Mossflower 2. Marlfox 3. Taggerung 4. Pearls of Lutra 5. Lord Brocktree

Here is a link to the original article:

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Princess of Mousetheives Princess of Mousetheives 29 June 2019

Song for Skipper

The Dibbuns were awoken,

By a sound in the night,

Twas a vermin gang who woke them,

An' they all went white with fright!

Then along came Skipper,

Still in his ole' nightgown,

"Ye don't look quite chipper,"

He said to the Dibbuns with a frown.

Alas for them the vermin saw him,

Skip an' his ugly mug,

They were so terrified,

They hid under the rug!

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Princess of Mousetheives Princess of Mousetheives 29 June 2019

Guosssom Rowing Song

Descended from yore grandsire,

Row me cullies, row!

I'll give you no answer but,

Row me cullies, row!

I was paddlin' in the stream once,

When I saw a glorious sight,

Twas yore ugly mug all disguised,

And cloaked up in white!

Were yew once a dancer?

Row me cullies, row!

I'll give you no answer but,

Row me cullies, row row row!

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Princess of Mousetheives Princess of Mousetheives 29 June 2019

Hare Song

Two seasons ago I'll tell you, twas a tragic time,

For I was writing a ditty, and could find nothing to rhyme!

Some pumpkin soup most orange,

I wrote with my bloomin' pen,

What rhymes with orange? Borringe!

But that's not a word, y'ken!

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LongLiveWiltuds LongLiveWiltuds 29 June 2019

A Murderer, An Empire, and a Wiltud Pt. 2

"Aaaah!" screeched Sister Aluna the herbalist.

Skipper and Brother Ethan came running to her at the bell tower.

"Aluna, what is–" began Brother Ethan.

"Is that Brother Harold?" asked Skipper.

The door to the bell tower was ajar, with Brother Harold laying by it, an arrow through his neck.

"Skipper, get the Abbess, Bella, Columbine, and Brother Gonff," said Brother Ethan. "And hurry!"

Dalmenar had narrowed it down to three possible captains. Vuljur and Grimeye were easily the most cunning, and Saltclaw may have gotten power-hungry on his sudden promotion. He figured Grimeye could be ruled out. The Omen had stayed back, so Grimeye could not sneak on. Was it Vuljur or Saltclaw, then?

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LongLiveWiltuds LongLiveWiltuds 29 June 2019

A Murderer, An Empire, and a Wiltud Part 2

"Aaaah!" screeched Sister Aluna the herbalist.

Skipper and Brother Ethan came running to her at the bell tower.

"Aluna, what is–" began Brother Ethan.

"Is that Brother Harold?" asked Skipper.

The door to the bell tower was ajar, with Brother Harold laying by it, an arrow through his neck.

"Skipper, get the Abbess, Bella, Columbine, and Brother Gonff," said Brother Ethan. "And hurry!"

Dalmenar had narrowed it down to three possible captains. Vuljur and Grimeye were easily the most cunning, and Saltclaw may have gotten power-hungry on his sudden promotion.

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LongLiveWiltuds LongLiveWiltuds 29 June 2019

A Murderer, An Empire, and A Wiltud


The Island of Irgash was the first of the Irgashian empire, with Aljemzo, Fenlone, and Aracnor. These were ruled by a cruel horde of rats, weasels, stoats, foxes, and ferrets. The horde was led by the mink Emperor Carsenoc. In his younger days, Carsenoc the II reigned over his hoard, bringing them in seven, always seven, black ships across the sea, attacking and destroying everything. Their last destination was Irgash. Carsenoc liked Irgash the most. Its clear, blue sea, it's beautiful jungle, and its glorious rivers.

But now Carsenoc the II is old. He has no care for beauty. He gathered almost all his troops to Irgash- two thousand. He held on to his empire weakly and was preparing to give up Fenlone. There was only one that dared …

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