"Bloodwrath is terrible, somethin' you don't ever want t'see or know about."

The Bloodwrath is a mental condition characteristic of badgers, but not limited exclusively to the species. It causes the afflicted to go berserk with anger for a short period of time, enabling him (or her) to cause a fantastic amount of damage during battle and withstand an almost unreal amount of battle damage. Despite these apparent advantages, the Bloodwrath is sometimes considered to be a weakness. When mentioned, it is spoke of as a terrible and dangerous affliction. Among the effects of the Bloodwrath, seeing red and the inability to distinguish friend from foe may occur. Badgers, when they reach their greatest enemy, tend to crush them, rather than kill them with their weapons

It is possible to control the Bloodwrath, but this takes an inordinate amount of willpower and personal strength. As yet, the only badger to have done this is Gorath the Flame.

Characters who have shown signs of the Bloodwrath thus far that were not badgers are:

Characters who are assumed to have had Bloodwrath include:

All major Badger Rulers have been known to be afflicted with the Bloodwrath except for Russano the Wise, Hightor, Mandoral Highpeak, and Violet Wildstripe. However, these Badger Rulers were not mentioned extensively, and they may have suffered the Bloodwrath at one time or another.

In History

The phenomenon of a strong soldier simply going berserk in presence of a foe is, of course, not unknown. Brian Jacques may have based bloodwrath on the case of the Viking Berserkers.

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