Species: Owl
Place of Origin: Her mountain
Gender: Female
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior
TV Series: Season 3

Boldred, referred to as Skyqueen by the Gawtrybe, was a massive short-eared owl who ruled over a mountain in the far north. She kept the Gawtrybe from killing passing travelers, and was in general kind to others. She was also the wife of Horty and the mother of Emalet. The owls were mapmakers and historians.

When Martin the Warrior and his friends came to the mountain, Boldred was away on a surveying journey, and the travelers had to face the Gawtrybe alone. Finally, the Gawtrybe was about to catch the friends when Boldred intervened. After sentencing the tribe to sit on a ledge for a day and a half (a punishment that Boldred herself knew the Gawtrybe would forget about), she led the travelers to her home. Boldred was familiar with Noonvale, and knew Urran Voh.

After the travelers had eaten, she accompanied them as they took the Broadsteam Shrews' logboats to Noonvale. It was Boldred who told Martin and the others about the attack on Marshank, and she also helped in the assault. Boldred and her husband were skilled mapmakers and historians and knew many creatures surrounding their home, including Fescue Mirdop and his family, Queen Amballa, Aggril, Starwort, and also Urran Voh and Aryah.

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