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Boorab the Fool


Species: Hare
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sharpened window pole
Death: Unknown
Appears: Taggerung

Bellscut Oglecrop Obrathon Ragglewaithe Audube Baggscut, better known by his initials (Boorab), was a traveling minstrel / jester and the grandson of Pieface Baggscut, a Salamandastron hare. When he came to Redwall Abbey, he was appointed Master of Music, Occasional entertainer, Composer, Melodic Tutor and Instructor of all things Lyrical, after a fifteen season probation, and in that time formed a Dibbuns choir. Boorab wore harlequin silk and a three pointed jester hat, which had only one point remaining. He used long ears as the last two points by attaching bells to the tips of each. Boorab played the Haredee Gurdee, a strange instrument of his own invention.

The minstrel came to Redwall after he was found by Skipper. Throughout this time he kept up a hare's reputation by commonly stealing food from the annoyed head cook Friar Bobb.

During the attacks of Eefera and Vallug Bowbeast against Redwall, Boorab acted as the commander of the wallguards. He also went to get Skipper and his crew to help; in doing so he traveled nonstop and was exhausted upon his return. After naming Nimbalo the Slayer the next Music Master, Boorab became the cook's assistant in The Kitchen.