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Bowly Pintips


Species: Hedgehog
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

When Bowly Pintips, a young hedgehog, escaped his weasel captors Agric and Spurge in the dry lands far south of Mossflower Woods, he met two warriors, Dandin and Mariel of Redwall Abbey. Aided by his two new allies, Bowly managed to trick and scare away his captors and take some of their food in the bargain.

Bowly quickly grew to be as daring and feisty as his warrior friends. Armed with two stale oatcakes as his trademark weapons, he helped them free Furpp Straightfurrer and his grandchildren. In the end Bowly became a full-fledged warrior. He led a recruiting team, made of Meldrum's leveret squad, in order to gather allies for the final Battle of Southsward and used an inverted broom as his rallying banner. Bowly's courage was especially instrumental in gaining the assistance of Gawjun and his tribe. By impressing Gawjun's wife, Deekeye, with his coolness under fire, he earned their respect and was permitted to be their leader in the final battle. Bowly also recruited a tribe of mice.

After the battle Bowly visited Redwall Abbey, and sailed off with Mariel and Dandin into the sunset in the Pearl Queen.

Not to be confused with Bowley.