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Species: Otter
Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sword of Martin, Spear
Death: Mortally wounded by Kharanjul's horde during the Battle in the Abyss
Appears: Loamhedge

Bragoon the otter and his friend Sarobando were legends at Redwall Abbey. He was the older brother of Toran Widegirth. The Dibbuns, along with some younger Abbey-dwellers, thought of the pair as just folklore, but the older members of the community knew that they were real. They apparently were very mischievous in their younger days. It was also said that Bragoon was once a Skipper of Otters.

Bragoon and Saro left Redwall at a young age to wander. Whenever the duo encountered some vermin, he dressed up as "Ferroat", (a cross between a ferret and a stoat) to distract them, while Saro would steal food from the vermin campfires. They did this to Burrad's Band, who apparently had heard of them and of thought them as legends as well.

After many seasons of journeying and battling, Bragoon and Saro returned to Redwall Abbey, and left once again on a quest with Horty, Fenna, and Springald to find a cure for Martha Braebuck, a haremaid who couldn't walk. They traveled to Loamhedge Abbey, where the supposed cure was said to exist. Unfortunately, there was no cure, so Bragoon and Saro wrote a short poem about will-power, telling Martha that the power to walk was inside of her.

On the way back to Redwall, Bragoon encountered a horde of vermin led by the Wearet Kharanjul while crossing the Great Abyss. During the ensuing battle, Bragoon and Saro were both mortally injured, but in their last moments they managed to tip the bridge into the Abyss, taking Kharanjul and his horde with them. They died together on the side of the cliff, both musing about "the sunny slopes and quiet streams".


  • Bragoon is one of only three otters (the others being Deyna and Jum Gurdy) to have wielded the Sword of Martin.