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Brantalis Skyfurrow


Species: Barnacle Goose
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Brantalis Skyfurrow was a male barnacle goose of the Skyfurrow skein. He was probably related to Olav Skyfurrow. Brantalis had a peculiar way of speaking, often prefacing his speech with "I am thinking...".

After Brantalis was shot with an arrow from one of Riggu Felis' catguards at Green Isle, Leatho Shellhound treated the wound, and helped Brantalis to escape the cats.

Brantalis then managed to wing his way to Redwall Abbey, where he received further medical attention from Brother Perant. It was here he met Pandion Piketalon, who constantly quarreled with him, and Tiria Wildlough. After Tiria and Pandion left for Green Isle, Brantalis stayed behind at Redwall, later helping to solve a riddle and fight off an intruding gannet.

After the Redwallers found the coronet of High Queen Rhulain Wildlough, Brantalis flew back to Green Isle and delivered it to Tiria. He and Pandion Piketalon then rescued the outlaw otter Leatho Shellhound from a burning fortress.

Later on, Brantalis became the "Queen's Courier" for Tiria, and the "Official Messenger to Redwall Abbey", delivering messages to and from Abbess Lycian.

Though not the most clever of birds, Brantalis was a brave fighter. This fact was demonstrated when he fought a gannet that was more than a match for him to protect his friends. He enjoyed getting attention from others.


  • Brantalis' name is inspired from the Latin name for barnacle goose, Branta leucopsis.
  • Brantalis is the only goose to make a present-day appearance in the Redwall series, rather than being only mentioned.