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Species: Weasel
Place of Origin: Northlands
Gender: Male
Weapon: Bane's sword
Death: Killed by a Ballista boulder
Appears: Mossflower

Brogg was a male weasel who was promoted to the Thousand Eye Army's Captain of the Guard upon his companion Cludd's death.

He carried Bane's sword and wore Ashleg's cloak after locating them in Mossflower Woods.

While not extremely intelligent (but still quite clever), he was absolutely loyal to Tsarmina Greeneyes, prompting her to make him the only Captain at Kotir during the final stages of the conflict with the woodlanders. He was ordered by Tsarmina to kill Ratflank. While most vermin are portrayed lacking any virtue, Brogg is often remembered as a truly loyal subordinate. He was also brave for a vermin, attempting single combat with Martin the Warrior at one point. He lost, and Martin chopped his scimitar in half and forced the Thousand Eye Army to retreat.

Brogg was killed by a ballista boulder crashing into Kotir after Tsarmina abandoned him.


  • In the Dutch version of Mossflower, Brogg is portrayed as a ferret, rather then a weasel.