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Bucko Bigbones


Species: Hare
Place of Origin: Northern Mountains
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sword, daggers, bow and arrows, and a javelin
Death: Unknown
Appears: Lord Brocktree

King Bucko Bigbones was a mountain hare and self-appointed King. He ruled over a court in the North-East part of Mossflower. Bucko was very bigheaded as he boasted a lot; he was taller than most hares and strongly built. He issued a challenge to any passing creature, to challenge him for his crown in three events: Bragging, Feasting, and Fighting. Towards the end of his reign as "King," Bucko had been growing lazy, developing a noticeable paunch that was repeatedly abused by Dotti in the Fighting Challenge.

The one to beat him was Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy, future General for the Long Patrol. Bucko then joined Dorothea and Lord Brocktree on the quest to liberate Salamandastron from Ungatt Trunn. As it turned out, Bucko had previous history with Ungatt Trunn and a score to settle with his Captain-in-Chief, Karangool who, on Trunn's orders, reportedly beat Bucko with the flat of his sword leaving numerous scars, assisted in driving him and the March Hares out of their homes in the Northern Mountains and in slaughtering Bucko's family. During the fight to win back Salamandastron, he swam towards a fleeing vermin ship and slew Karangool, who was pushed off the ship by Ripfang. After the mountain was retaken, Bucko returned to his home, along with his mountain hares, even though he promised Dotti he would serve as leader of the northern branch of the Long Patrol with the title "General Bucko".