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Species: Watervole
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Weapon: Spear
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

Burble was a talkative, brown-furred male watervole. He was born as a part of the Riverhead watervole tribe, which was led by the Gray One. One night he discovered Dannflor, Songbreeze, and Dippler investigating his tribe's campfire. He offered them shelter in the Riverheads' cave; there, the three friends bargained Song's Leafwood, which happened to be a special item to watervoles, for the boat Swallow.

Burble warned his new friends that the Gray One had lied to them, and had no intention of allowing them to have the Swallow. All four stole away, taking the boat and the Leafwood with them. They hid from the Riverheads up a side creek; there, Burble and Dippler were captured by Raventail and his band, but Song and Dann managed to escape, later returning to free their captive friends. After this, they encountered three robbers (two weasels and a stoat) who wounded Burble with a slingstone, though not badly.

Temporarily becoming separated from Song, Burble and his two remaining comerades searched for her, later becoming lost themselves in a underground cave system. Burble was attacked by a large fish in the cave pool, which intended to eat him; thanks to Dann and Dippler, he survived the encounter, though his tail was skinned by the fish's teeth.

After reuniting with Song, and meeting up with Mighty Megraw (of whom Burble was rather nervous at first) and Gawjo Swifteye's "family" of hedgehogs, Burble accompanied them to the Great Inland Sea and helped to assault Castle Marl; there, he plundered the throne of Mokkan for his own use. After the Marlfoxes were defeated, he returned home to the Riverheads, where he went on to become chief Burble Bigthrone (full title Chief Burble Bigthrone, Holder of Leafwood and Commander of the boat Swallow).


  • Note: On the US paperback copy of Marlfox, he is accidentally called "Burbler."