There are many cats in the Redwall series, though they are not as common as other vermin types. Cats can be sorted into many different sub-categories.

The only known example of non-feral domestic cats in Redwall is Julian Gingivere, Matthias' aide in his quest to kill Asmodeus. Wildcats are mostly villain leaders , but the species is not bad as a whole, as there have been some good wildcats who are peaceful farmers, such as Gingivere Greeneyes. As opposed to this, all feral cats in the series are portrayed as malevolent, bloodthirsty and vicious. It is implied that the feral cats have fallen backward in terms of civilization and were, as non-feral cats, actually considered goodbeasts. The possible implication is that non-feral domestic cats are classified under good species, with wildcats and feral domestic cats under the vermin category.

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