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This category contains all known fan art at the Redwall Wiki. Registered Redwall Wiki editors are free to upload their own personal Redwall-influenced art for hosting and sharing with the community. To do so, please select the "This is my personal Fan Art..." option under the Licensing box. Fan Artwork must be completely original, and not edited or plagiarized works of other artists.

"Fan art" is defined as character illustrations only, not places, weapons, structures, etc.

If you wish to use someone else's fan art on your userpage, as your avatar image, or in your signature, you must receive permission from the artist. Using fan art without permission may result in disciplinary action. If you are an artist and find someone improperly using your work, please let the administration know.

If you wish to reproduce fan artwork outside of the Redwall Wiki, artist permission is required.

If you're looking for a list of known artists, please see the fan artists category.

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