Cavern Hole is a comfortable room smaller than the Great Hall in Redwall Abbey and a gathering area for the Abbeydwellers.

Located below the Great Hall, Cavern Hole is accessible through a set of stairs. Cavern Hole can also be reached from the wine cellar through a small corridor and a sloping ramp. An archway marks the entry between Cavern Hole and the Kitchen.

Not as decorated as the Great Hall, Cavern Hole has large slit windows and a stone floor. It is furnished with a large table and is lit by candles in sconces.

Redwallers usually eat their informal meals, especially breakfast and supper, in this room. It is occasionally used as a meeting place in times of crisis in place of the Great Hall.

At one time, the Redwallers were besieged inside Cavern Hole by the birds of General Ironbeak. During that period, this room was connected to Great Hall through a tunnel dug by Foremole and his crew.

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