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The Caverns of Kotir is a game or "episode" contained within the The Lost Legends of Redwall interactive fiction mobile app. It is intended to be another version of Escape the Gloomer


Official Synopsis[]

War consumes Mossflower, but a hidden scroll may be the key to ending Queen Tsarmina’s reign of terror. Assume the role of Gillig the otter to find the scroll and defeat the foes that stand in your path.

Young Gillig the otter sets out to find the fabled "Scroll of Inheritance" to end Tsarmina Greeneyes' reign of terror. A retelling of Escape the Gloomer by Clopas Games with all new art and an extended soundtrack.

Gillig is sent to find a hidden scroll that is the key to ending Tsarmina Greeneyes' reign of terror.


Ch. 1 Into the Caverns[]

Gillig enters the Mossflower Woods Otters' Den holt, and attempts to find a way to enter Kotir. He reflects on conversations with CORiM leaders and other woodlanders. After entering the cavern, he engages in battle with a giant crab. Gillig then finds his way to the underground lake in Bunny's Burrow.

Ch. 2 The Encounter[]

The Gloomer is revealed to have survived battle with Stormfin. When he detects Gillig in the underground lake, he tries to attack him, however Gillig evades his advances, and eventually enters a new cavern.

Ch. 3 A New Friend[]

Having discovered a cavern filled with glow worms, one of the creatures befriends Gillig as he notices a door towards Kotir. But the door is guarded, and more Kotir soldiers and leaders emerge for a moment. One soldier is tricked by the glow worms into bumbling towards the lake, where he's murdered by The Gloomer. Gillig realizes he has to locate the dead weasel's body in order to get the key to the door.

Ch. 4 Otter Up[]

Gillig and Gloria traverse the cavern, searching for the Gloomer, and locate a tunnel network.

Ch. 5 The Key[]

Gillig utilizes sulfur to mask his scent from The Gloomer, whom he has located on a small island. The otter eludes the rat, collects the key, and makes for the door into Kotir.

Ch. 6 Up the Down Staircase[]

Gillig enters Kotir in a soldier's disguise, where he meets Ferdy Stickle, Coggs Stickle, and Gingivere Greeneyes in the dungeons. He informs them of the Mask's forthcoming rescue, and gets the location of Verdauga's chambers from the wildcat. Roaming Kotir, he eludes Thousand Eye Army members until he reaches the kitchen area, where Tsarmina Greeneyes arrives.

Ch. 7 Suppertime[]

Gillig encounters a young weasel dibbun in the kitchen, who agrees to help him slip past Tsarmina and other Thousand Eye leaders. After finding a route, he heads up to Tsarmina's chambers, and begins searching for the Scroll, however she bursts into the room, having sniffed out an intruder. Gillig locates a clue while hiding underneath a bed that directs him back down to the underground lake, and flees the room. With a cat in hot pursuit, he arrives back in the cavern, where the Gloomer attacks.

Ch. 8 The Last Stand[]

There are two possible endings.

1. Gillig heads to Gloomer's island, the pair engage in battle, and Gillig nearly loses the Scroll. Eventually, Gillig appears to succeed in defeating the water rat. After exiting the underground caverns, he returns to CORIM and begins to heal. However, the Great Mossflower War proceeds despite the otter's efforts. Martin, Gonff, and Skipper review the Scroll, and it turns out to be a replacement someone else left behind instead of the actual Scroll of Inheritance.

2. Gillig flees the Gloomer, and loses the Scroll. After exiting the underground caverns, he returns to CORIM and begins to heal. The Great Mossflower War proceeds.

Differences from Escape the Gloomer[]

  • In a Caverns of Kotir alternate ending, Gillig is able to retrieve the Scroll, and learns it's not the Scroll of Inheritance. In Escape the Gloomer, Gillig loses the Scroll.
  • Several new characters appear in Caverns of Kotir, including Gloria, General Rolfe, Keiss, and other members of the Thousand Eye Army.

Characters in Caverns of Kotir

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