Species: Badger
Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey
Gender: Female
Weapon: Varied, mostly Crossbow and Natural Defenses
Death: Old age
Appears: Redwall, Mattimeo, The Great Redwall Feast, A Redwall Winter's Tale, The Redwall Cookbook, The Redwall Warrior's Code
Voice(s): Janet Wright (Redwall); Liz Crampton (Redwall); Beth Cassidy (Mattimeo)
TV Series: Season 1
Constance TVseries.png
Constance from the Redwall TV Series

Constance was Redwall Abbey's Badger Mother during Matthias' time. During the Winter of the Early Snowdrop, Constance and Methuselah repeatedly attempted to locate the Redwall Warrior's Code, however they were unsuccessful.

She helped greatly during the Summer of the Late Rose. All of Cluny's horde hated and feared her for her courage and strength. Her rivalry with Redtooth- which began when she threw rotten vegetables into the rat's face- ultimately ended with her hurling him into a tree trunk, killing him. She constructed a giant yew crossbow with help from the solitary Beaver. The crossbow was fired at Cheesethief, whom she had mistaken for Cluny the Scourge. She was thought to be less bright but proved otherwise when her knowledge of the phases of the moon helped Matthias and Methuselah solve several riddles.

When the Abbey was under attack by General Ironbeak in the Summer of the Golden Plain, Constance helped Cornflower in her masquerade as the ghost of Martin the Warrior, providing the deep voice. Constance was also considered leader of the Redwallers during this time of war. She also rescued Stryk Redkite from Ironbeak's attacking rooks.

Later, when Matthias, Mattimeo and their companions returned to Redwall, Constance became friends with Orlando the Axe. She taught his daughter Auma all she knew, and later the young badgermaid succeeded her as Badgermother of Redwall Abbey.


  • Brian Jacques' maternal grandmother, Sissy McGinniss, was the inspiration for Constance.
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