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Cornflower Fieldmouse was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fieldmouse, wife of Matthias, mother of Mattimeo, the grandmother of Martin II, and mother-in-law of Tess Churchmouse. She was a skilled cook and often wore headbands.

Before the Late Rose Summer Wars, Cornflower and Matthias, inspired by Abbot Mortimer, searched Redwall Abbey for Abbess Germaine's Warrior's Code. After solving a series of riddles, the pair successfully located it.

When Cluny the Scourge arrived, Cornflower was a great help to Redwall, and she was able to fend off his horde members during one of their attacks. She threw a lantern onto his siege tower, which caused it to burst into flames, ending an attack from around 30 vermin. Although she was known to be a quiet mouse, she would often speak to Matthias and helped him through his self-doubts. She gave him her favorite headband as a symbol that she believed in him.

When Redwall was attacked by General Ironbeak and his flock during the Summer of the Golden Plain, Cornflower was very helpful in figuring out the key riddle. She helped comfort Rollo after his mother died. She often missed her husband and son and would reminisce with Mrs. Churchmouse. She also devised the idea to dress up as the ghost of Martin the Warrior; she wore Matthias' battle armor while Constance spoke in a loud terrifying ghost voice to scare the superstitious birds. Her plan worked, and the villains became extremely frightened. She would have continued her masquerade, but Abbot Mordalfus told her to stop because she could have been killed if Ironbeak and his birds were to uncover her scheme.

She obeyed the Abbot and asked if Constance could return the armor to the Gatehouse. Later that night, when Ironbeak and his flock infiltrated the barricade, the Redwallers were rudely awakened. Before Ironbeak could take his revenge on the Redwallers, she witnessed Constance and Stryk Redkite attack the rooks and crows. Stryk and Constance both slayed Ironbeak and his seer Mangiz.

After the war with Ironbeak had ended, she waited for the return of Matthias and Mattimeo for half a season. After she was reunited with her family and friends, she helped and attended a feast for the heroes' return.

Nelvana Redwall TV Series[]


Cornflower from the Redwall TV Series

Cornflower is described as a fieldmouse in Redwall. In the first season of the Nelvana Redwall TV Series, John Churchmouse claims to be Cornflower's father and Mattimeo's grandfather in the final minutes of the last episode. However, in the books, her father is Mr. Fieldmouse, a minor character who does not appear in the TV series. This discrepancy poses an interesting situation. If Cornflower was a Churchmouse, then Tess Churchmouse would be her sister. Tess marries Mattimeo, who is the son of Cornflower and Matthias. This would mean that Mattimeo and Tess married their aunt and nephew, respectively.

In the second season of the TV series, the fact that Cornflower is the daughter of John Churchmouse no longer seems to be canon since she refers to him by his first name in lieu of as her father. Additionally, in the first episode of season two, Mrs. Churchmouse is referred to as "the mother of Tess and Tim" by Slagar the Cruel, a potential correction. This is likely due to the fact the second season was based on Mattimeo, where John Churchmouse takes on a slightly more pivotal role.