Colonel Cornspurrey De Fformello Tussock

Place of Origin:Camp Tussock
Weapon: Battle Axe
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Long Patrol

Colonel Cornspurrey De Fformello Tussock was the husband of Mem Divinia and the father of Tammo, Lynum and Saithe. He resided at Camp Tussock.

Cornspurrey was a retired Colonel from the 51st Paw and Fur Platoon of the Long Patrol. He had ran away to join the Long Patrol as a leveret, causing his father to disown him.

He acted in a way similar to his father when Tammo asked to do the same thing. He insisted that Tammo was far too young and refused to let him join up.

However, after Tammo became a member of the Long Patrol, Cornspurrey was proud of his son and had to admit that he was a true warrior.

While in the Long Patrol, his weapon was the battle axe, which he still kept after his retirement.

One of Cornspurrey's eyes was permanently closed, and he wore a monocle in the other.


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