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Major Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk


Species: Hare
Place of Origin: Salamandastron
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sabre, pike-axe
Death: Mutual Kill with Slothunog
Appears: High Rhulain

Major Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk was a perilous Long Patrol hare under Mandoral Highpeak. His daughter Petunia was brutally murdered by sea-raiding vermin on the Salamandastron shores. After his daughter's death, Frunk hunted down the murderers, disposed of them and took their ship, re-naming it the Purloined Petunia in her honor; he was nearly killed in the fight, suffering a multitude of wounds that left him badly scarred and cost him half an ear.

Due to his daughter's death, and his terrible battle injuries, Frunk suffered a deep trauma which developed into a dissociative identity disorder. He changed personalities and characters a number of times, depending on how he was feeling. In addition to being the Long Patrol Regimental Major, he also believed himself to be the following:

  • Cuthbert Frunk W. Bloodpaw - a no-nonsense sea otter captain, the terror of the high seas
  • Lord Brockfang Frunk - a wild hunting badger

He wore a waxed mustache and a monocle, and carried a sabre and a swagger stick in his role as Major Frunk, although he changed his outfit to match his current personality, sometimes combining them when he was more than one at once. Despite his Bloodwrath and personality faults, Frunk was not entirely insane; he could carry on intelligent conversation, and was a clever battle tactician.

Frunk was allowed more leeway than any other hare in the Long Patrol from Lord Mandoral Highpeak, due to his trauma and mental problems; he was the only hare allowed to sing bloody ballads at the dinner table. Many hares who felt that Frunk was mad nicknamed him "Blood'n'guts Blanedale"; Lord Mandoral referred to the berserk hare as the "Deathseeker", saying he was always looking to get himself killed in his wild exploits.

Frunk was responsible for guiding Tiria Wildlough to Highpeak, who gave her the High Rhulain armor. Along with other Long Patrol hares, Frunk and Tiria sailed in the Purloined Petunia to Green Isle, home of Tiria's otterclans.

While at Green Isle, Frunk arranged all the battle plans for the otterclans and Long Patrol; they were a success, as Riggu Felis and his army of cats were defeated easily. Later, the force encountered Riggu's absconded son Pitru with a small army, blocking their way home to Holt Summerdell; Frunk slew Pitru and several of his close followers in an all out berserker rage.

Cuthbert Blandedale Frunk fighting the Slothunog

He was wounded in the battle, but managed to jump into the Deeplough, taking several cats with him; there, he encountered the hideous Slothunog. Frunk jumped on and slew the monster; its body sank into the bottomless lake, carrying its killer to his death.

Mandoral Highpeak allowed Frunk's name to live on in a ship he later captured, naming it the Fearless Frunk.