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A dagger is a weapon commonly utilized in battles or skirmishes. It features a generally short and sharp blade with a handle or hilt which may or may not be decorated with stones. It is often used to stab an opponent in close combat situations (as opposed to a knife, which is usually used for slashing), but can also be thrown short distances in a pinch.

Gonff the Mousethief often used two daggers during battles. One of his daggers was forged in Salamandastron by the legendary Badger Lord Boar the Fighter. Dandin, the descendant of Gonff, used a long dagger. Other creatures, such as the Mask and various weasels favored the dagger. A famous villain adept with the dagger was Ublaz Mad Eyes, and perhaps even more so Ferahgo the Assassin, who was deadly with a various assortment of daggers and knives he carried. Two other dagger-wielding villains, Tazzin and Rasconza, both were noteworthy in that they were more skilled at throwing the blades than fighting paw to paw with them. Additionally, Trisscar Swordmaid and Raga Bol both used a special kind of long thin dagger called a stiletto, and Vilaya the Sable Quean carried a very small poisoned dagger, worn as a necklace. In addition, many residents of Redwall Abbey, including Dibbuns, have used kitchen knives as makeshift weapons.

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