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Dandy Clogs

Species: Shrew
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Weapon: Shrew rapier, Studded Wooden Clogs
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Log-a-Log Dandy Clogs was an eccentric and well-liked chieftain of the Guosim. He was rather cheerful, easygoing, and poetic, though could drive his shrews hard when he liked. He wore ornate clothes, and a pair of metal-studded clogs, which he used as his primary weapons. He was a proficient dancer, but had a terrible singing voice, which was compared to that of several frogs being pelted with slingstones.

When Swiffo, Posybud, and Uggo Wiltud were fleeing the crew of Razzid Wearat, Sircolo led them to Dandy and his shrews. Dandy immediately welcomed the travelers, and fed them; after he learned of the danger of Razzid to Redwall Abbey, he had his shrews break camp and sail down the River Moss towards Redwall. He drove the Guosim all that evening and through the next day, hoping to get to the Abbey as soon as possible.

The Guosim had moored their boats and settled down in them for a long sleep when the Greenshroud thundered down upon the flotilla, wrecking many of the boats and slaying several shrews. Dandy lost his clogs in the slaughter; they were recovered by an unnamed stoat. Dandy, Swiffo, Posybud, Uggo, and a small group of shrews were washed downriver and separated from the rest of the Guosim; after picking off a few of Razzid's vermin, the little group joined up with the Rogue Crew and Long Patrol, and followed Drogbuk Wiltud to the Abbey.

Dandy was a good climber, and put this talent to practice several times. He once raced Swiffo to the peak of a tall tree, and saw Ketral Vane following the band, but too late to warn any of the others before the fox attacked. He also scaled Redwall's outer wall and addressed the goodbeasts within, much to their surprise.

When the whole army had entered Redwall, Dandy and his Guosim waited with the other fighting beasts for an invasion from Razzid; when it came, they joined the battle and took care of several vermin. Dandy found and dispatched the stoat who had stolen his clogs; he also discovered the decoy left by Razzid while the Wearat tried to sneak into Redwall alone.

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