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Dannflower Reguba

Dannflower Reguba

Species: Squirrel
Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sword of Martin, Spear
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

Dannflower Reguba, also known as Dannflor or Dann, was a male squirrel warrior of Redwall Abbey. He was of the Reguba family, a line of warrior blood, and the son of Rusvul Reguba, who was also a warrior.

Rusvul wanted Dann to be called Dannblood at first, but his wife refused this instead naming him "Dannflower". Dann and his friends Songbreeze Swifteye and Dippler were guarding the Great Hall when the Marlfoxes Vannan and Ascrod stole The Tapestry of Martin the Warrior. Dann's father accused him of cowardice for allowing the Tapestry to be stolen, deeming him a disgrace to his line.

Dann, along with Song, Dippler, and Burble, ventured to Marlfox Island to recover the the Tapestry from the thieving Marlfoxes.

He and Songbreeze rescued Dippler and Burble, who were captured by Raventail and his band. Dann wounded and nearly killed Raventail, had not it been for Songbreeze, who asked him to set the ferret free without slaying him.

Dann and his friends parted from Song in the waterfalls. While he, Dippler, and Burble tried to search for her by boat, they were sucked in the underground cave by the strong current. In the cave Dann and Dippler rescued Burble from a big fish. After they got out of the cave, Dann and his friends were pursued by the lizards of the water meadow, the same ones who had attacked Mokkan and his crew. Later they met Song again.

Despite being of warrior blood, Dann was a gentle squirrel. Dann and his friends were directly responsible for the freeing of the slaves on Marlfox Island and the destruction of the Marlfox Kingdom. After returning with the tapestry, Dann gained respect from his father, as well as the title of Abbey Warrior.


  • "Reg" is the Latin root for "royalty", as well as the common root of terms such as "honest", "upright", and "proper". (rego [to guide , direct; to rule, govern, administer] [1]. A fitting surname for a family of Abbey Warriors.


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