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Dave's Quick 'n' Easy Web Pages : An Introductory Guide to Creating Web Sites was an HTML 1.0 handbook for web programming beginners by David Lindsay, the official webmaster for It featured a foreword by Brian Jacques.

The guide contains 1990s-era HTML explainers, tips, advice, and examples for those who wanted to learn how to build their own website, as Lindsay often received requests for assistance given his success. He frequently cited Brian Jacques as his favorite author in examples.

The book received a second edition in 2001, a second printing in 2002, and a sequel, Dave's Quick 'n' Easy Web Pages 2 : A Guide to Creating Multi-Page Web Sites, in 2004.


Almost three years ago while on a whirlwind tour of Canada I had the great pleasure of meeting David Lindsay. He had written to me to tell me how much he loved my books and to ask me if he could start a Redwall club on the 'net.

I was charmed and intrigued.

Charmed because of his wonderful enthusiasm and intrigued by the idea of the 'net. Of course I agreed and so The Official Redwall Club came into being. Being a technophobe, I know nothing about the techniques used to make these wonderful pages. I see only the results. An amazing world wide connection between myself and my readers where we can talk and exchange ideas.

A warm and close family of Redwall readers is even closer because of David, his dad Bruce, and his brother Sean. How is it done? Now you can find out, they are going to share the knowledge and expertise... what sterling chaps!!

I wish them all the success they deserve and recommend their book wholeheartedly.

Brian Jacques