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Species: Hedgehog
Place of Origin: Southsward
Gender: Female
Weapon: Mace
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Deekeye was the hedgehog wife of Gawjun and helped lead a tribe of hedgehogs in Southsward. She participated in the Battle of Southsward using large war clubs. Deekeye was very fierce but doted with a strong dose of common sense.

Gawjun and Deekeye encountered Bowly Pintips and his recuiting party on a dune. Deekeye wielded her warclub around Bowly to assess his courage. Bowly never flinched and earned instantaneously her respect and support. The tribe of Gawjun and Deekeye confronted Urgan Nagru directly at the outskirts of Castle Floret, but were caught in a standoff, broken by the reinforcement of Joseph the Bellmaker and the crew of the Pearl Queen.

After the battle, Deekeye helped repair the drawbridge of Castle Floret.

Deekeye's war cry was "Spike 'n' striiiike".