Denmark "Ned"

Known Year(s):From 1616 onwards
Place of Origin:Esjberg, Denmark
Appears in:Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, The Angel's Command, Voyage of Slaves

Denmark, later known as Ned, was a male black Labrador born in 1616.

In 1620, he was befriended by Nebuchadnezzar, who saved the starving dog's life in Esjberg, Denmark. Later that year, along with Neb he was spared by an Angel, who granted him immortality and the ability to converse via telepathy with Neb. Denmark was also able to communicate with all other types of animals, including cats and horses. Later, Den reversed his name to become "Ned", while Neb reversed his name to become Ben.

Den was an extremely intelligent dog. He was devoted to Ben and defended him many times against attackers. His courage and his quick reaction allowed him and Ben to gain the favor of Captain Phillip Vanderdecken during a crew's mutiny. Den was also admired and liked by Luis the Shepherd who found the dog to be much more reliable than his bellwether. The villagers of Chapelvale quickly recognized the strong relationship between Ben and his dog. Those friendly to Ben loved Den as a result, while their enemies learned to fear the Labrador.

Den had a great sense of humor and loved to tease Ben as an equal. He would occasionally complain jokingly about the lack of wit of some particular species such as sheep, as well as make wise and witty comments on the people they would encounter.